COFFEE, yes please! 5 out of 5!

2016 was a big year for new cafes in Zurich. One of the exciting new openings in hip Kreis 4 was that of a cute little café called COFFEE. It’s all in the name really – a simple word we all love, that we connect with, that we have an opinion about, and that we enjoy when we get it and miss when we don’t. Yes, just like any relationship, when we encounter something different we are curious, we may have our fears, our doubts, we compromise, sometimes we even reject, and with each new coffee we learn. Geez all that from one word..

Right, let’s focus back on COFFEE – the café. This cute little café is the work of long time friends Shem Leupin and Thomas Leuenberger. One an ex-Swiss Barista Champion and now head roaster and the other a chef and master of fine foods. Their invitation to all of us to is to come into their world and experience their coffee and food. This is exactly what I have been doing over the past couple of months and I am happy to say, I am a big fan of the place! Here’s why..
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BANK on a grand Espresso!

Bank Espresso

2016 is definitely the year of the speciality coffee. However you choose to spell it or say it, coffee lovers and freaks in Zurich are being spoilt by amazing coffee being served in some of the new, hip cafés in Zurich. One of which is sitting perfectly in the heart of Kreis 4 at Helvetiaplatz. Bank opened its doors earlier this year, with a lot of buzz and attention from the Zurich scene. It’s no wonder, with Benjamin Prager, one of Switzerland most talented coffee brewster as the Head of Coffee and local roastery Stoll supplying the golden beans. Finally, after months of visiting, tasting coffee, and giving feedack, I was ready to write my review! Would this be the time for the Bank grand espresso? On a perfect Zurich summer morning, I took my place outside in the sun, reviewed the yummy coffee menu and was ready to find out…
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Espressostyle at Sport Bar

Sport Bar With the Sochi Winter Olympics in full swing, talk on the street is of Dario Cologna, my cousin Julia Mancuso (ha!), and the awesome, rocking Snowboarding events. What better time than now to experience espressostyle at Sport Bar in Zürich’s Kreis 4. In snowboarding slang, word has it that they bust a great espresso here. Would this Snow Bunny discovers an epic espresso, or would it be wack? Trekking through an off-season Zürich thunderstorm, I shook the water from my umbrella and went in to find out..
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A little cafe called Weggen

cafeweggenEscape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with a walk through Zürich’s old town. I was about to head to Grand Café  Motta but instead stubbled across this cute little place, Café Weggen and decided to stop. Is the grand espresso waiting for me in this little café or would my detour leave me stranded in the old town? I headed down the beautiful cobblestoned alley to find out.

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Babu’sled with coffee und kuchen

babu'sKreis 1 is home to many of Zurich’s well known coffee bars. At Löwenstrasse 1, you will find Babu’s Bakery and Coffeehouse. Offering a variety of baked delights, a healthy selection on its lunch menu, and ‘Monatskaffee’, would Babu’s be No.1 on the grand espresso list? I put on my best undercover gear and waited in line to find out.

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