An espresso with my Mohrenkopf

Winter has finally arrived in Zurich! The perfect time of year to explore the city for that cosey little café that you are going to make home – well at least for a few hours. Whether you are visiting for the weekend, or wandering through this fabulous city which is home, one place to stop at is Café Mohrenkopf. This little café and restaurant, located in the heart of Niederdorf (Zurich’s old town), has been welcoming visitors for over 30 years. It’s name Mohrenkopf (a kind of chocolate coated marshmallow) gives a big hint on what you will find inside – lots of yummy Mohrenkopf’s to have with your coffee. Would this little café deliver that sweet espresso, or would it be just me and my Mohrenkopf? Let’s open the door and find out.. Continue reading

Gustav – bring me an Espresso

Gustav Café

2015 has seen an explosion of building and activity around Zurich’s main station.  Wander down the railway tracks along Lagerstrasse through Zurich’s new lifestyle oasis, Europaallee. As you wander by the little boutique’s and eateries, you will eventually meet Gustav. Gustav Café opened it’s doors during the summer of 2015. New, fresh and ready to win over the heart’s of coffee lovers. I wonder what is hidden inside this little coffee place. Would Gustav sweep me away with his perfect espresso and leave me wanting more? With lipgloss freshly applied, I was ready to find out..
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Hin und Weg with Espresso

hinundwegSummer, Summer. Wherefore art thou Summer? We had a taste of you back in June or July, when we were sitting outside enjoying Cold Brew coffee in the sun.. and now you’re gone. Before we finally depart and welcome Autumn, let’s reminise by visiting one of Zürich’s busiest summer havens in Kreis 3 – Hin & Weg Depot. Open since April 2014 alongside Zürich’s newest urban living project Genossenschaft Kalkbreite, and following in the footsteps of its older sister Hin & Weg Gare at Europallee. Was I blown away by the espresso served here, or would I just be carried away by the thought of it? (tip: check out the meaning of hin und weg sein) It was July, the sun was shining, and I took a stroll to Kalkbreitestrasse 8 to find out.
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The roar of espresso at Löweneck

Löweneck Sitting quietly in Zürich’s Löwenstrasse jungle is a café who is looking to roar this spring. Löweneck Restaurant & Bar opened its doors in January 2014. Located across from the mighty Migro City (currently undergoing a facelift), will the Löweneck espresso leave me purring with delight, or will this kitty have to find another espresso home? I opened the door and entered this den to find out..
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Espresso in Dihei

Kafi Dihei
Take a relaxing stroll out of Zürich’s city centre through the leafy green streets of Kreis 3. Athough Spring still hasn’t sprung in Zürich, you will get a touch of the green grass of home when you visit Kafi Dihei (Swiss German for Coffee at Home). Will this be an espresso to write home about, or will I be left reminiscing of that grand espresso I had way back when..? I parked my vespa across the road, as if I was arriving Dihei and made myself at home at one of the garden tables to find out. Continue reading

Espresso in the Haus

Volkshaus – home to theatre, concerts, exhibitions, restaurant, bookshop and more recently a ‘Stadtbad’ with Haman and Sauna. You breath in that cultural, creative air as soon as you approach this unique building. The people’s place – whether you are meeting friends for pre-dinner drinks and concert, planning that romantic dinner and trip to the Haman, or simply want to enjoy some people watching in a lively part of Kreis 4. It’s all here! Is this artistically inspiring meeting place also home to Zürich’s grand espresso? I ventured into the Volkshaus Café Bar to find out.

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A little cafe called Weggen

cafeweggenEscape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with a walk through Zürich’s old town. I was about to head to Grand Café  Motta but instead stubbled across this cute little place, Café Weggen and decided to stop. Is the grand espresso waiting for me in this little café or would my detour leave me stranded in the old town? I headed down the beautiful cobblestoned alley to find out.

Atmosphere: Sehr Ruhig. As I walked into this place with one of my best girl friends ready for a good ol’ chat, we looked at each other and whispered it’s so quiet! Continue reading