Espresso with impact at Auer and Co. 5 out of 5!


Hidden amongst the buildings of Zürich’s Kreis 5 is one of the cities most best kept café secrets, Auer & Co. It sits within the Impact Hub Zurich, where young entrepreneurs, creative minds and technical gurus come together to share ideas, tech talks and, of course, coffee!

Since opening it’s doors in late 2015, this place has been buzzing with great coffee at the hands of great Baristas. It’s no wonder, as those who are in the Zürich coffee scene know that this place is a coffee project of Bear Brothers & Cow team Benjamin Prager and Kai Keong. As a regular to this little jewel, I thought it was about time that I shared this place with the world. Will the espresso here make an impact, or will it be one in a hub? Let’s find out…
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Design me an Espresso!

Senior Design

You can usually tell that it’s Spring in Zürich not by the weather, but by the amount of roadworks taking place. As you weave your way down Josefstrasse in Zürich’s Kreis 5, you will come across this hidden treasure called Senior Design Café. Part of the Senior Design Factory, this is a creative space which transcends age, with young and old working together. Hats off to the talented Designers behind this cool initiative! Will the espresso here be an experience designed to transcend space and time? I trekked through the mini construction site (..which is now complete) to find out.

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Espresso state of mind

hotelbarZurich’s Prime Tower in Kreis 5 is not only the tallest building in Zurich, but also home to Clouds and Hotel Rivington & Sons. A unique name for a bar, and people are spreading the news that an esquisite espresso is served here. Having visited siblings La Stanza and Café Lang, I was very curious to see what this place had to offer. Would this bar offer the grand espresso, or leave me in a disillusioned state of mind? I stepped through the green curtain to find out.

Atmosphere: Frank Sinatra.  The idea with this hotel bar is that you experience New York in ganster times.. well, that was the feeling I got. Continue reading

Waltz into Café Lang

cafelangLimmatplatz in Kreis 5 has transformed into one of the busiest and hippest zones in Zürich. A waltz away from the tram stop is Café Lang. Will the espresso here sweep me off my feet, or will I want to do a quick step out the door? I polished my shoes, applied the gloss and made my way through the doors to find out.

Atmosphere: Vienesse.  Be prepared to step into another time and space with a true Vienesse coffee house experience. The furniture, the beautiful wood panels, the vintage green, even the newspapers hanging on the walls ready to be read. Continue reading

Pimpi my Coffee!

pimpiSitting quietly in Hafnerstrasse, behind Zürichs main station, is Pimpi Café Bar. A place to stop for an early morning coffee or before a stroll through trendy Kreis 5. Spotted by its green door and cool name, have they pimped the espresso here or is it just another ordinary old tazzina?

Atmosphere: Einfach. Whether you decide to take a seat at the bar or at one of the tables, you will feel relaxed and ready to go on with your day. The large flatscreen TV is a sign that they may be lovers of Football and infact I am certain games are shown here. On a snowy Zürich day, it was a little chilly inside. Continue reading

Noir is beautiful

cafenoirCafe Noir is a cute little jewel of a coffee bar located off Zürichs busy buzzing Langstrasse. Understated, simple and cosy, does this place really take their coffee seriously or will I just see black? After a few weeks of great coffee in Australia, where the coffee culture is alive and kicking, I was more than ready to find out. Let the 2013 journey to find Zurichs grand espresso begin! Continue reading

Espresso takes the stage at Sphères

Sphères- bar, buch, bühne is located in the ultra hip and happening Zürich west. As you open the stainless steel door from the busy Hardturmstrasse, you enter into the world of Sphères. Move over books as today the espresso is taking the stage. Did the espresso steal the show? Take your seats as we find out.

Atmosphere: Creative. From the moment I entered I got the feeling that this is a place where creativity and coffee come together. Good for a Monday morning or when you need inspiration. Continue reading