Hin und Weg with Espresso

hinundwegSummer, Summer. Wherefore art thou Summer? We had a taste of you back in June or July, when we were sitting outside enjoying Cold Brew coffee in the sun.. and now you’re gone. Before we finally depart and welcome Autumn, let’s reminise by visiting one of Zürich’s busiest summer havens in Kreis 3 – Hin & Weg Depot. Open since April 2014 alongside Zürich’s newest urban living project Genossenschaft Kalkbreite, and following in the footsteps of its older sister Hin & Weg Gare at Europallee. Was I blown away by the espresso served here, or would I just be carried away by the thought of it? (tip: check out the meaning of hin und weg sein) It was July, the sun was shining, and I took a stroll to Kalkbreitestrasse 8 to find out.
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C’est si Espresso at Salon

Salon Ah Spring! Flowers blooming, birds are singing and Zürich tram line construction begins..again. It’s the time of year when we usually put away the winter coats, shed our winter skin and explore the city.. in the search of the grand espresso, of course! Spring hasn’t sprung yet but don’t let that stop you from taking a stroll out of the city center to Kreis 3. A little walk away from Bahnhof Enge, down the colored streets around Weststrasse is Salon. The sign reads Salut and the vibe speaks retro-French. Will this strickingly cool café knock Grande off No.1 place for best espresso in Zürich? With my derrière comfortably seated in the old cinema seats outside, I was more than ready to find out.
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Espresso in Dihei

Kafi Dihei
Take a relaxing stroll out of Zürich’s city centre through the leafy green streets of Kreis 3. Athough Spring still hasn’t sprung in Zürich, you will get a touch of the green grass of home when you visit Kafi Dihei (Swiss German for Coffee at Home). Will this be an espresso to write home about, or will I be left reminiscing of that grand espresso I had way back when..? I parked my vespa across the road, as if I was arriving Dihei and made myself at home at one of the garden tables to find out. Continue reading

No Berta time for espresso

Kreis 3 is home to many unique, alternative, comfortable cafés and bars, especially in the area near and around Ida Platz. One of the these places is the Berta Bar & Café. On a chilled Sunday afternoon, it’s a great place to stop for a drink and also to try out the espresso. Does this little alternative bar house the grand espresso, or is there a better bar? I looked at the tables outside and thought ‘wish it was spring’, and then opened the door and let the experience begin. Continue reading

Coffee by the Park

zamparkKreis 3 was unexplored territory, until my little walk to Z am ParkGreat location for a chilled afternoon coffee. With its funky atmosphere and friendly staff, would the quality of the espresso be more of an A than a Z? I tackled the 2 year old boy at the door and ventured inside to find out.

Atmosphere: Hip. Had the ‘geez I’m cool’ feeling as I walked in and sat down. There are long tables, tables for two, and space to sit outside. One of the things that I love about Zürich are the many neighbourhood cafes. Continue reading