Espresso des Amis

cafedesamisIt’s nice to venture out of Zürich’s city center to Kreis 10, were there are a few little cafés to be explored. The first of these is Café des Amis. I was happy to see Vespa’s parked outside (was a lovely sunny day when I visited), but the feeling as I approached the door was of ‘Gay Paree’! Will the espresso here be trés bon, or will it be muy mal? (I know, that’s Spanish but my French leaves a lot to be desired!) Let’s venture in and find out..

Atmosphere:des Paree!. It ‘s like walking into a café around Montmartrè. Continue reading

GRANDE Espresso! The first 5 out of 5!

GrandeAh Zürich! We love you in the Summertime! An easy stroll along Limmatquai, with beautiful views of this little big city, and dreams of that grande holiday, that grande amore or that grande espresso! Then you actually find it, GRANDE!!! (If you scream this word with a massive smile on your face, you may get what I mean).It actually exists! Am I dreaming? Or will this funky little café bar be home to my first real grand espresso in what seems like eternity? They say hope is the last thing to die, and with this thought and my smile, I went in to give it a try… Continue reading

Espresso Rio Style

Rio BarIn the middle of the hustle and bustle of Zürich’s shopping zone, on the banks of the Sihl river, is a little oasis called Rio Bar. Understated during the Winter months, Rio comes alive as soon as the sun is out! This is a perfect place to chill after a few hours of shopping, or to escape from the stress of study or the office. Will espresso magic happen in Rio, or will I need to do the espresso samba somewhere else? With a fresh Sicilian tan, I took a seat in the sun, put my sunglasses on and was ready to experience Rio.

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Espresso Rocks at Henrici

henriciEvery city has it’s old town where you often make new, delightful, even inspiring discoveries. Zurich’s Niederdorf is no exception. Amongst the beautiful historic buildings and coblestone roads is a piece of coffee heaven, Café Henrici. Henrici lives and breathes Christian Friedrich Henrici’s words – Life without coffee is one not worth living! I hear you!! Would the espresso here make life worth living, or would it be just one of those disappointing Zürich espresso experiences? I almost skipped to the door, I was so excited finally review the espresso..but you have to keep cool when visiting one of the most recommended cafés in Zürich.

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Espresso in Dihei

Kafi Dihei
Take a relaxing stroll out of Zürich’s city centre through the leafy green streets of Kreis 3. Athough Spring still hasn’t sprung in Zürich, you will get a touch of the green grass of home when you visit Kafi Dihei (Swiss German for Coffee at Home). Will this be an espresso to write home about, or will I be left reminiscing of that grand espresso I had way back when..? I parked my vespa across the road, as if I was arriving Dihei and made myself at home at one of the garden tables to find out. Continue reading

Espresso in the Haus

Volkshaus – home to theatre, concerts, exhibitions, restaurant, bookshop and more recently a ‘Stadtbad’ with Haman and Sauna. You breath in that cultural, creative air as soon as you approach this unique building. The people’s place – whether you are meeting friends for pre-dinner drinks and concert, planning that romantic dinner and trip to the Haman, or simply want to enjoy some people watching in a lively part of Kreis 4. It’s all here! Is this artistically inspiring meeting place also home to Zürich’s grand espresso? I ventured into the Volkshaus Café Bar to find out.

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O Espresso Mio!

NocciolinaBleicherweg is home to some of Zürichs busiest coffee bars, including Bar Nocciolina. With its Italian flair, this little bar is making its mark in this coffee city. Will the espresso here be my sunshine on a cloudy day, or will I be singing a different song?  I brushed the sleep from my eyes and strolled in ready for the first caffeine hit for the day.

Atmosphere: Napoli.  This small, cosy bar has a relaxed, la vita e bella kind of vibe. The pictures on the wall of the italian ‘prince of laughter’ Toto‘ are a nice touch and give this place the Italanità of bella Napoli. Continue reading