An espresso on Höschgasse 33


höeschgasse33Most people visiting Zurich’s Kreis 8 will be familiar with Seestrasse and places such as Razzia, Iroquai, Toto’s, Pur Pur, Yoogies, D-Vino, Ginger and many many more. Coffee lovers visiting these places will know that you may not find Zurich’s best espresso there (sorry guys). What you will find if you wander off the main street is Höeschgasse 33 Market.  This curious looking café got noticed by it’s huge Black & Blaze coffee sign spotted through the window. As a huge Black & Blaze coffee fan, I knew I had to go back and try the espresso. On a perfect Zürich winters day – with rain and wind – I dragged one of my bravest English friends with me to try this place out. Would this be a miracle at 33 Höschstreet or would it be a nightmare? (It’s Oscars time, so I had to try and get the movie title theme in there somehow..) I shook of the raindrops and opened the door to find out..
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To Plüsch for coffee

Pluesch Cafe BarAs you wander down Aemtlerstrasse in Zurich’s trendy neighbourhood of Kreis 3, you will come across Plüsch Café Bar. A great place to stop for lunch, but would this place also offer a lush espresso?  Looks like I would be stepping back in time to find out.

Atmosphere: Chillicious.  This place has a chilled out 1970s retro feeling. Whether you visit for lunch, or time out with the paper, or to enjoy an after work drink, you will feel comfortable and chillaxed. There is a daily menu to enjoy and also a variety of fresh cakes. Continue reading

Il caffe in La Stanza

lastanzaA short walk from Zürich infamous Paradeplatz is a little coffee haven called La Stanza.  In its 5 year history, La Stanza has become one of the most talked about coffee bars in Zürich. Is the espresso here as Italian and unforgettable as what people say it is, or is it just another coffee in a room? My senses were ready for this highly recommended experience.. so let’s do it!

Atmosphere: Mina.  Mina is an Italian music icon and in 1960 her hit ‘Il cielo in una stanza‘ rocked the charts. Ah what it’s like to be in love…with coffee! Continue reading