O Espresso Mio!

NocciolinaBleicherweg is home to some of Zürichs busiest coffee bars, including Bar Nocciolina. With its Italian flair, this little bar is making its mark in this coffee city. Will the espresso here be my sunshine on a cloudy day, or will I be singing a different song?  I brushed the sleep from my eyes and strolled in ready for the first caffeine hit for the day.

Atmosphere: Napoli.  This small, cosy bar has a relaxed, la vita e bella kind of vibe. The pictures on the wall of the italian ‘prince of laughter’ Toto‘ are a nice touch and give this place the Italanità of bella Napoli. Continue reading

Babu’sled with coffee und kuchen

babu'sKreis 1 is home to many of Zurich’s well known coffee bars. At Löwenstrasse 1, you will find Babu’s Bakery and Coffeehouse. Offering a variety of baked delights, a healthy selection on its lunch menu, and ‘Monatskaffee’, would Babu’s be No.1 on the grand espresso list? I put on my best undercover gear and waited in line to find out.

Atmosphere: Bienvenue! The vibe here is welcome, make yourself at home. Expect it to be busy when you arrive but don’t fret. As you wait in line, you can read through the coffee blackboard or browse the many cute gifts in the speciality store.   Continue reading