An espresso with my Mohrenkopf

Winter has finally arrived in Zurich! The perfect time of year to explore the city for that cosey little café that you are going to make home – well at least for a few hours. Whether you are visiting for the weekend, or wandering through this fabulous city which is home, one place to stop at is Café Mohrenkopf. This little café and restaurant, located in the heart of Niederdorf (Zurich’s old town), has been welcoming visitors for over 30 years. It’s name Mohrenkopf (a kind of chocolate coated marshmallow) gives a big hint on what you will find inside – lots of yummy Mohrenkopf’s to have with your coffee. Would this little café deliver that sweet espresso, or would it be just me and my Mohrenkopf? Let’s open the door and find out.. Continue reading

Espressostyle at Sport Bar

Sport Bar With the Sochi Winter Olympics in full swing, talk on the street is of Dario Cologna, my cousin Julia Mancuso (ha!), and the awesome, rocking Snowboarding events. What better time than now to experience espressostyle at Sport Bar in Zürich’s Kreis 4. In snowboarding slang, word has it that they bust a great espresso here. Would this Snow Bunny discovers an epic espresso, or would it be wack? Trekking through an off-season Zürich thunderstorm, I shook the water from my umbrella and went in to find out..
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Espresso Rocks at Henrici

henriciEvery city has it’s old town where you often make new, delightful, even inspiring discoveries. Zurich’s Niederdorf is no exception. Amongst the beautiful historic buildings and coblestone roads is a piece of coffee heaven, Café Henrici. Henrici lives and breathes Christian Friedrich Henrici’s words – Life without coffee is one not worth living! I hear you!! Would the espresso here make life worth living, or would it be just one of those disappointing Zürich espresso experiences? I almost skipped to the door, I was so excited finally review the espresso..but you have to keep cool when visiting one of the most recommended cafés in Zürich.

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Design me an Espresso!

Senior Design

You can usually tell that it’s Spring in Zürich not by the weather, but by the amount of roadworks taking place. As you weave your way down Josefstrasse in Zürich’s Kreis 5, you will come across this hidden treasure called Senior Design Café. Part of the Senior Design Factory, this is a creative space which transcends age, with young and old working together. Hats off to the talented Designers behind this cool initiative! Will the espresso here be an experience designed to transcend space and time? I trekked through the mini construction site (..which is now complete) to find out.

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Noir is beautiful

cafenoirCafe Noir is a cute little jewel of a coffee bar located off Zürichs busy buzzing Langstrasse. Understated, simple and cosy, does this place really take their coffee seriously or will I just see black? After a few weeks of great coffee in Australia, where the coffee culture is alive and kicking, I was more than ready to find out. Let the 2013 journey to find Zurichs grand espresso begin! Continue reading

A little jewel named Collana

collanaCollana Bar e Caffè opened during 2012 and is located in front of the beautiful Zürich Opera House. It is the perfect place to stop during a passeggiata along Bellevue. Would such a grand location offer the grand espresso? I dusted off the snow to find out.

Atmosphere: Rome. I was greeted by the wonderful sound of Domenico Modugno singing Volare and immediately felt like I could be in bar in Rome or Milano. It offered all that is italian – mood, coffee, foccacias, cornetto italiano and even the charming italian waiter which my Mamma would be besotted with. Continue reading