No Berta time for espresso

Kreis 3 is home to many unique, alternative, comfortable cafés and bars, especially in the area near and around Ida Platz. One of the these places is the Berta Bar & Café. On a chilled Sunday afternoon, it’s a great place to stop for a drink and also to try out the espresso. Does this little alternative bar house the grand espresso, or is there a better bar? I looked at the tables outside and thought ‘wish it was spring’, and then opened the door and let the experience begin. Continue reading

A little cafe called Weggen

cafeweggenEscape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with a walk through Zürich’s old town. I was about to head to Grand Café  Motta but instead stubbled across this cute little place, Café Weggen and decided to stop. Is the grand espresso waiting for me in this little café or would my detour leave me stranded in the old town? I headed down the beautiful cobblestoned alley to find out.

Atmosphere: Sehr Ruhig. As I walked into this place with one of my best girl friends ready for a good ol’ chat, we looked at each other and whispered it’s so quiet! Continue reading

Infinito time for coffee

Bar Infinito Bar Infinito is a little piece of Italy in Zürich’s city centre. On offer at the bar is all that is Italian – Campari, Chinotto, Caffé and more. Would my espresso experience here be infinitely unforgettable for all the right reasons?…let’s find out.

Atmosphere: Ramazzotti. A symbol of bella Italia, whether it be Eros Ramazotti or Amaro Ramazotti, I can see both being in this place (well, the Amaro may have been but Eros unfortunately wasn’t). It is elegant, cool, comfortable and charming. Continue reading

Go slow with the coffee at Vapiano

Vapiano – Stadelhofen is one of three of these pasta-pizza restaurants in Switzerland. Ok, so its not a coffee bar so they are not expected to delivery great coffee. Unless you are one of the many people who, when in an italian-like restaurant, expect and enjoy a good espresso after a pizza margerita. Would the espresso offer a kick or equal their motto of go slow? We put Vapiano to the test.

Atmosphere: Ristorante. I still remember the first time I walked into Vapiano in Münich almost 8 years ago. It was busy, lively and smelt of good pasta and pizza. Continue reading

Let the coffee Bubbles rise

Bubbles is neatly placed in Kreis 4. My landlord tells me that it has been standing for 30 years – impressive. Known for delivering a great English breakfast, can Bubbles deliver the grand espresso or is it just in my dreams? Let’s take a look.

Atmosphere: Cosey. One thing I really like about Bubbles is that you feel like you are walking into a comfortable friendly loungeroom. Continue reading