What a World Barista Championship 2016!

WBC Dublin

Dublin. Home of U2, Guiness, The Script, Paddy AND the World Barista Championship (WBC) 2016. From June 22-25, the coffee world gathered in the heart of Dublin to experience the coffee event of the year. As Baristas and Judges from all over the world made their way to Dublin to participate in the prestigious championship, I packed my most comfortable shoes and made my final preparations to be one of the 240 volunteers at the week long event. Questions, check. Access to the internet, check. iPhone charger – oops knew I forgot something! A small hurdle in what was to be one of the most active, exciting, information filled, exhausting, memorable coffee experiences I have had to date. Continue reading

Do you FIKA? Coffee web series by Fabian Schmid

fikaTo drink coffee. A tiny little phrase with a whole lot of meaning. Its a cultural thing, so the part of the world you find yourself in will influence your coffee drinking experience. Let’s take Australia, for example. For me, growing up in Sydney in an Italian espresso drinking family meant I experienced two sides to coffee drinking. One, was the home brewing experience, where the ritual of making and having an espresso before breakfast, mid-morning and afternoon was part of daily life. When we had visitors, the Bialetti went on the stove just a few minutes after their arrival, as there was no visit to our house without coffee. Even if it meant instant (yes yes instant, I never said I was perfect). Two, started as I grew up and coffee drinking became part of social and work life. As you all know, Aussies love their coffee. A take away flat white on the way to work. The mid-morning work meetings over a coffee, where some of the best ideas and decisions are made. Then there is breaking the rules with a latte or flat white after a meal – because we can. Continue reading

Re;co Symposium to hit Dublin!

Dublin calling!
No, it’s not Eurovision. It’s time to talk, breath, eat, sleep coffee!  The coffee world is preparing for what is going to be THE coffee week of 2016, starting 21 June. While Baristas are training and brewing, the various event teams are confirming speakers and volunteers, checking lists once on twice, posting on social media and basically getting ready to welcome us all – with coffee and a smile… and Guinness!

Kicking off this incredible week is Re;co Symposium from 21-22 June. What is Re;co Symposium, apart from a cool looking acronym? Here is what Matt Slater,  International Re:co Symposium Director had to say when I asked him. !

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Aeropress? Yes I can!

SAC2016Aeropress. A brewing devices which brings endless hours of coffee drinking pleasure. It looks relatively simply to use, but as we all know, brewing that perfect cup of coffee is an art! It requires skill, knowledge, time and a little creativity.

The Swiss Aeropress Championships took place in Zurich on 23. April. As a first timer at the event, I was looking forward to learning more about this brewing art, and in tasting some of the coffees. Instead, what I was faced with was participating! One participant short on the day, and with Henauer Kaffee willing to sponsor me, how could I say no? (thanks Philipp my friend!)

With 30 minutes of hard core training and tips for some of Europe’s best and most knowledgeable coffee freaks, brewers and roasters, and with my espresso brewing knowledge up my sleeve, I created my recipe and got ready to participate. I decided to follow my own advice too – just give it a go, love the coffee and have fun!
And that I did.

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London – you did it again!

I love LCF2016!London. Home to Buckingham Palace, Prince Harry, Wimbledon, Big Ben, Ben’s Cookies, Shoreditch House, over 215 independent coffee houses AND The London Coffee Festival. Since it’s inception 6 years ago, this festival has grown fast to be come one of the world most popular and most visited festivals. It was time to find out what all the fuss is about. After all, we are only talking about coffee right? Wrong – we are talking about coffee culture, passion, education, industry, craft, engineering, and bearded hipster male baristas.. oh and Espresso Martini of course.

Location, Location, Location – yes this festival is definitely held in one of the hippest parts of East London, Shoreditch. Fabulous cafés and coffees on every corner! The Old Truman Brewery would be home to coffee freaks and fans for a whole week. Move over beer, fashion and photography, it was time for coffee to take the stage again.

With my VIP Press Pass securely fastened to my wrist, I was ready for all this festival had to offer, and more.

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Espresso is my Benzin und Koffein

The Espresso

Speciality Coffee freaks of Switzerland will already be familiar with the crew at Benzin & Koffein. Since 2014, they have been spoiling their coffee loving visitors with amazing coffee direct from their roastery, Gipfelstürmer Kaffee. Located in Zurich’s hip Kreis 3, this is the perfect place for an espresso pit-stop during a Sunday afternoon run. We all know that an espresso before a run gives you the energy you need to reach your running goal. Would the B&K espresso be the benzin to get me to my 12km goal, or would I just trot to a bitter end? I threw on my Asic trainers, switched on Runkeeper and ran to find out..
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the best coffee blogs of 2016

This week, Market Inspector UK announced the winners of the Best Coffee Blogs of 2016. I am very proud to have been awarded as one of the best coffee review blogs. I was so proud and excited to be among the extraordinarily talented and dedicated group of coffee writers and bloggers that share their journey and experiences with the world. After over 3 years and 50 reviews and articles, I made it!! (OK it took Leonardo DiCaprio a few movies and years before he won an Oscar).

Thank you Market Inspector UK and to all Coffee Me’rs for your continued following, support and sharing of the coffee me world. There are many more awesome things to come.. stayed tuned!

best coffee blogs of 2016