Coffee Friday Zurich 2015

Coffee Friday Zurich took place for the first time on August 21, 2015 a the Kaufleuten Zurich.

WOW! What am awesome event. As part of the organising team for this event, I had the pleasure of working with some fantastic people, including key event members Claude Stahel and Patrizio Frigeri from Black & Blaze, to bring this event to life.

2 months of ‘Speciality coffee is..’. A crazy idea that came to life through Facebook, Twitter, 6 Films, over 40 interviews, pictures, skype interview with Aussie and 2015 World Latte Art Champion Caleb ‘Tiger’ Cha, time on stage as Moderator, lots of coffee tasting and chats.
Am I happy? Yes! And OK my feet are still tired from wearing fabulous shoes all day.

I highlight for me yesterday was meeting some fabulous people and witnessing visitors experience the world of coffee, part of which I have been writing about here at Coffee Me for the last 3 years. THE highlight, as well as receiving a video of my niece crawling for the first time, were meeting some of the Coffee Me’rs and receiving lots of hugs from my friends who popped by (you know who you are!). Crazy ideas create amazing moments – thank you for being there and supporting me.

Don’t forget to visit the youtube channel and watch the 6 Films. I will be organsing an apero in September at the Cafè that has the most views.. so click, watch and share!

Feel free to send me feedback at

Looking forward to the next Coffee Friday Zurich!

until the next cup..

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