An espresso with my Mohrenkopf

Winter has finally arrived in Zurich! The perfect time of year to explore the city for that cosey little café that you are going to make home – well at least for a few hours. Whether you are visiting for the weekend, or wandering through this fabulous city which is home, one place to stop at is Café Mohrenkopf. This little café and restaurant, located in the heart of Niederdorf (Zurich’s old town), has been welcoming visitors for over 30 years. It’s name Mohrenkopf (a kind of chocolate coated marshmallow) gives a big hint on what you will find inside – lots of yummy Mohrenkopf’s to have with your coffee. Would this little café deliver that sweet espresso, or would it be just me and my Mohrenkopf? Let’s open the door and find out.. Continue reading

Milchbar sings grand espresso… 5!


Ah Milchbar! Zürich missed you in the many months that you were closed for renovations. So nice to take the walk down from Parade Platz, through that cute little ‘piazza’ Kappelerhof to get to you. I remember my first visit back in Novemer 2012, just as Coffee Me was starting. Now you are back, ready to impress us with your coffee experience. Yeah! AND excited to see the Aussie Flat White on the menu!! 

To mark us meeting again, I am writing this review ‘live’ at Milchbar. (and after drinking 3 espressi – or espressos in Aussie English)

I have taken a very comfortable seat upstairs, with a perfect view of the La Marzocco machine and the street outside. Would the espresso be as great as the first time many months ago.. or even better? Let’s find out…
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..and the 5 goes to – BOVELLI!


Bovelli opened it’s doors in September 2014 in the heart of Zürich, where Bar Infinito once was in Kreis 1. Being the younger sibling of Grande and Dante, two of the best bar’s in this fabulous city, the challenge to make their own mark as one of THE places to go for the best espresso (and cocktails) was on.

With a 5 yet to be handed out in 2014, I was curiously excited to meet Bovelli. A part of me felt like we had already met, even before I walked through the door. Would it be magic when our lips finally touched time and time again? And would I choose to give a 5? Needless to say, I was ready to find out. Continue reading

The roar of espresso at Löweneck

Löweneck Sitting quietly in Zürich’s Löwenstrasse jungle is a café who is looking to roar this spring. Löweneck Restaurant & Bar opened its doors in January 2014. Located across from the mighty Migro City (currently undergoing a facelift), will the Löweneck espresso leave me purring with delight, or will this kitty have to find another espresso home? I opened the door and entered this den to find out..
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The Milchbar Espresso

milchbarambellevueIn November 2012, I discovered a comfy little café in the center of Zürich called Milchbar. One year later, I am visiting the new sister café Milchbar am Bellevue! While the older sister is under renovation, this little café is welcoming new customers. Would I be as impressed with the espresso here as I was one year ago, when I ventured out of the cold into Milchbar? Once I got over the spectacular ceiling, I placed my espresso order and was ready to find out..

Atmosphere: Lights. I’m not certain if this is what Ellie Golding means in her song ‘Lights‘, but these lights Continue reading

GRANDE Espresso! The first 5 out of 5!

GrandeAh Zürich! We love you in the Summertime! An easy stroll along Limmatquai, with beautiful views of this little big city, and dreams of that grande holiday, that grande amore or that grande espresso! Then you actually find it, GRANDE!!! (If you scream this word with a massive smile on your face, you may get what I mean).It actually exists! Am I dreaming? Or will this funky little café bar be home to my first real grand espresso in what seems like eternity? They say hope is the last thing to die, and with this thought and my smile, I went in to give it a try… Continue reading

Espresso Rio Style

Rio BarIn the middle of the hustle and bustle of Zürich’s shopping zone, on the banks of the Sihl river, is a little oasis called Rio Bar. Understated during the Winter months, Rio comes alive as soon as the sun is out! This is a perfect place to chill after a few hours of shopping, or to escape from the stress of study or the office. Will espresso magic happen in Rio, or will I need to do the espresso samba somewhere else? With a fresh Sicilian tan, I took a seat in the sun, put my sunglasses on and was ready to experience Rio.

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