Milo ‘latte art’ Kamil

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Milo Kamil is one of Zürich’s top class Barista’s, spoiling Grande client with fabulous Latte Art and outstanding service.

Here is a much awaited shot from Milo!

What is your most current Championship title?
I recently won first prize in the Latte Art at the Tiroler International Championship 2014.

When did you drink your first espresso and where?
I can’t remember when I drank my first espresso, but I think I remember when I was blown away by a great espresso. That was in 2013 when I started to practice for my first Championship and drank one of the competing Barista’s espresso.

What type of machine do you have at home?
A Rocket R58.

What cafes have you worked in and where?
Babu’s, Zürich where I started to be passionate about Latte Art. Milchbar in Zürich. And Grande of course!

What made you want to become a barista?
The reactions I got from customers when they saw and tasted my cappuccino. That made me kept going and wanting to be a better barista.

What 3 qualities make a good barista?
Passion, hunger of learning new things, dedication.

What is the difference between a good capuccino and a caffe latte?
A good cappuccino is a good balance between a good shot of espresso and well frothed milk. A Latte is a drink where milk is more dominant as the espresso in a cup.

How do you motivate yourself before a competition?
Knowing that it will bring me further.

Which country has the best coffee ?
As the bird says – Australia, even though I haven’t been there. (Thanks Milo!)

How many coffees do you have per day?
I stopped counting!

Apart from Grande, which cafe would you visit in Zurich for a good espresso?
Bovelli (Review is on it’s way!)

Finish this sentence… The grand espresso is….
the one that is pulled by a knowledgable and passionate barista.


Thank you Milo! If you have a question for Milo, please post it below.

Until the next Barista Shot…

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