Patrizio ‘gingerman’ Frigeri

Follow Patrizio on Twitter @pfrigeri

Follow Patrizio on Twitter @pfrigeri

Patrizio Frigeri is the SCAE Switzerland 2013 Barista Championship Runner-up. Proud owner of a La Marzocco, Patrizio definately loves his espresso. He was Barista at Babu’s and as well as preparing and participating in the championship, he is also involved in Barista training.

Here is a shot from Patrizio!

What espresso blend are you drinking at home at the moment?
No blend, but a nice single origin roasted by Kafischmitte. It’s a washed Bourbon from Burundi. My next coffee will be one from The Barn, Berlin.

When did you drink your first espresso and where?
I don’t remember exactly, but I think it was in Tuscany during a cycling training camp in 1999. A strong shot with a lot of sugar.

Who inspired you to become a Barista?
My first inspiration came when I lived in Davos and the Kaffeeklatsch opened the doors 2003 the first time.

What is your greatest achievement as a Barista?
Two times runner-up at the SCAE Swiss Barista Championship 2012 and 2013.

What makes an espresso bitter?
Too dark roast or too high dose in portafiltro or grind is too fine.

Is there a difference between a Capuccino and a Latte?
Yes, the cappuccino is a balance of a great espresso and rich sweet milk. A Latte is too milky.

Should a Capuccino have chocolate on the top, or not?
Never on the top. If it is the last wish of a Swiss customer to have chocolate in his Capp, then always directly on the espresso before pouring in the milk.

Which country do you think has the best coffee culture?
Right now, Australia. Since the barista scene is fascinated about Australia, especially with Melbourne having hosted the recent World Barista Championship.

What Zurich Cafè would you recommend to visit?
Grande next to Central.

George Clooney has the motto ‘What else’, if you had your own espresso blend, what would your motto be?
Everything else than “what else” 🙂

Finish this sentence: The grand espresso is:
sweet, has a pleasant acidity, some bitterness, a nice body and a great aftertaste.

Thank you Patrizio! If you have a question for Patrizio, please post it below.

Until the next Barista Shot…

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