Barista Shot

Welcome to Barista Shot!
This is where you get to meet the faces behind the bar and your espresso.

The Coffee Me definition of The Barista goes a something like this:
The person who has the power to deliver the grand espresso! They live and breath the coffee culture and have a crazy passion for all that is coffee. They are well trained, know what they are serving and challenge themselves to make each espresso count. With each espresso, they deliver to their customers a part of their passion.

Is this reality and do these Barista’s really exist? Follow Barista Shot to find out.
1. Patrizio ‘gingerman’ Frigeri
2. Milo Kamil
3. Caleb ‘Tiger’ Cha

The art of making a grand espresso, in comparison to the talent needed to become a Latte Artist, should not be underestimated. Like a winning formula one driver, the Barista should know their machine, be familiar with the track (work area), know what fuel feeds their engine (the espresso blend!) and be able to adjust the tyres (grinder) depending on temperature and conditions. Not to be forgotten is use their charm and flare to win the crowd (starts with a simple smile). It’s not just about pushing a button. Not everyone can be a formula one driver, and not all Barista’s can make the grand espresso. If we can at least get them to arrive at the finish line with a good, consistent performance, and without burning the engine (the coffee) or leaving exhaust fuel behind (the bitterness) then we are off to a great start!

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