Ciao! Let me introduce myself – Maria Teresa Mancuso better known as Maria.

I am a girl who is passionate about coffee and in particular, espresso. Although my Nonno wouldn’t be happy with me tasting and drinking all this coffee, the rest of my italian family would be lining up with tazzine and giving me tips. In my family, coffee was and is part of the family. You love it when it’s good and add lots of sugar when it’s bad.

Growing up in Sydney, Australia with Italian parents meant that the challenge of finding the best espresso beans in town was set very early in my life. One of the regular familiy trips was the ride to the coffee bean factory in Lakemba. We would leave the factory with a minimum of five 1 kilo bags of beans in hand. The coffee grinding machine at home became my friend, as well as Bialetti’s in all sizes. The not-so-easy task of grinding the coffee beans was mine. Grinding the beans too much or too little made the difference between a good and bad cup.. that combined with the right amount of water and determining the right temperature of the water too. I still wonder what combination my Mamma had when the Bialetti she filled exploded and covered our kitchen in coffee?!?

There is definately an art to making the grand espresso.

When I drink an espresso, I want it to look good and give my taste buds a joy ride through the strong yet delicate favour that only a grand espresso can give. The grand espresso is like a passionate, delicate, spine tingling bacio… the kind that will sink into your bones and remain with you fovever.

I love Zürich as I love my espresso. My friends will tell you that I am passionate about my espresso as I am about many things. coffee me zürich is my way of sharing the magical world of coffee and to unleash the coffee culture which I know exists in this fabulous city of Zürich.

Follow me! Give me your suggestions on places to visit in Zürich and places to try.. and help me find the grand espresso.

Until the next cup,


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