Do you FIKA? Coffee web series by Fabian Schmid

fikaTo drink coffee. A tiny little phrase with a whole lot of meaning. Its a cultural thing, so the part of the world you find yourself in will influence your coffee drinking experience. Let’s take Australia, for example. For me, growing up in Sydney in an Italian espresso drinking family meant I experienced two sides to coffee drinking. One, was the home brewing experience, where the ritual of making and having an espresso before breakfast, mid-morning and afternoon was part of daily life. When we had visitors, the Bialetti went on the stove just a few minutes after their arrival, as there was no visit to our house without coffee. Even if it meant instant (yes yes instant, I never said I was perfect). Two, started as I grew up and coffee drinking became part of social and work life. As you all know, Aussies love their coffee. A take away flat white on the way to work. The mid-morning work meetings over a coffee, where some of the best ideas and decisions are made. Then there is breaking the rules with a latte or flat white after a meal – because we can.

Many miles away from Australia is Sweden. What do these Nordic people know about coffee and do they even have a coffee culture? Of course they do, and a thriving one at that. Cinnamon buns and coffee – yum!

Fika: To Have Coffee was launched on Monday 23. May. I had the pleasure to meet creator, Fabian Schmid a few weeks ago at the Swiss Aeropress Champion in Zürich, where he told me about his project. In six episodes, the series will make an attempt at portraying the popular Swedish ritual «fika», a small but essential part of the country’s coffee culture and day-to-day life. Instead of following a classic documentary approach, the series intends to be a more about the people and give an insight into Swedish society, it wants to tell the average person’s little stories.

I asked Fabian to give me a little insight into his Fika:

Favorite time of day to drink coffee? Mid-morning
What is your favorite coffee drink? Flat white
If you had to choose between cappuccino or filter coffee, what would you choose and why? Filter coffee. It’s all about the coffee without any distraction by milk.
When in Zurich, where do you drink coffee and why? Café Noir, Henrici. What’s most important for me is good coffee and good atmosphere. I like to go to many different cafés, though, instead of always the same one or two favorites.
Most inspiring person in coffee industry? Klaus Thomsen, co-founder of Coffee Collective
Currently listerning to? The Darjeeling Limited Soundtrack

Enjoy the first episode! .. and stay tuned for future episodes on

Congratulations Fabian!


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