Re;co Symposium to hit Dublin!

Dublin calling!
No, it’s not Eurovision. It’s time to talk, breath, eat, sleep coffee!  The coffee world is preparing for what is going to be THE coffee week of 2016, starting 21 June. While Baristas are training and brewing, the various event teams are confirming speakers and volunteers, checking lists once on twice, posting on social media and basically getting ready to welcome us all – with coffee and a smile… and Guinness!

Kicking off this incredible week is Re;co Symposium from 21-22 June. What is Re;co Symposium, apart from a cool looking acronym? Here is what Matt Slater,  International Re:co Symposium Director had to say when I asked him. !

Mat Slater Re:co

Where did the name Re;co come from?
Re:co is an abbreviation of ‘Regarding Coffee’ – Re:co embodies the rich, innovative and pioneering history of the SCAA Symposium (from where Re:co evolved) and looks forward to the future celebrating new thinking in coffee to push the coffee industry forward.

One key take away for participants at Re;co Dublin? 
Come and be part of the discussion to find out!

Specialty coffee is..
Now that is the $1 million question; are you talking about in the cup or the spirit of specialty? This question runs through the entire Re:co Dublin sessions and will be asked and discussed many times!

Natural or washed?
Washed all the way…when you are in your 40’s it’s the more refined things in life which get your attention.

Favorite time of day to drink coffee?
I work alongside people all over the world so I just tap into their time zone…so pretty much 24hrs a day is the right time to drink coffee!

A good espresso is..
When it’s filter, I’m from a green coffee background so when you have been cupping all day every day for years you get a taste for a filter style brew. I love espresso though and it’s all about the balance in the cup for me.

The perfect coffee experience is..
Any coffee experience because it’s a learning experience; whether it’s good or bad in the cup it’s all about letting the coffee do the talking.

Years in the coffee industry?
15 years…on and off with a period of ‘hell’ in IT senior management roles; can’t complain though as I became a qualified project manager for the effort which is handy for the very privileged responsibility I have now.

Who has inspired you?
People inspire me; the innate resilience, ingenuity, sharing, caring, passion of people and our ability to socialize and build networks through collaboration to overcome some major challenges just blows my mind and never fails to inspire.

Currently listening to?
I’m so glad you asked that question, I love to know the answer to that from people all the time – OK so right now it’s Richmond Fontaine – You Can’t Go Back If There’s Nothing To Go Back To’

Thanks Matt! And best of luck with the final preparation for this fantastic event..!

Follow Matt and the Re;co team on social media and the Re:co website

Don’t forget: World Barista Championship and World Brewer’s Cup at SCAE’s World of Coffee from 23-25 June. 





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