Espresso is my Benzin und Koffein

The Espresso

Speciality Coffee freaks of Switzerland will already be familiar with the crew at Benzin & Koffein. Since 2014, they have been spoiling their coffee loving visitors with amazing coffee direct from their roastery, Gipfelstürmer Kaffee. Located in Zurich’s hip Kreis 3, this is the perfect place for an espresso pit-stop during a Sunday afternoon run. We all know that an espresso before a run gives you the energy you need to reach your running goal. Would the B&K espresso be the benzin to get me to my 12km goal, or would I just trot to a bitter end? I threw on my Asic trainers, switched on Runkeeper and ran to find out..

Atmosphere: Formula One. If there was a Formula One of coffee, then this would be one of the hosting locations on the list. From the comfortable inside seating, to the relaxing tables outside, you can be sure there is space to enjoy your coffee as you read the paper, chat with friends or watch the traffic go by. If you have left your paper or favorite book at home, no worries. Just pop into the shop and grab yourself the latest copy of Standart magazine, or one of the other interesting coffee reads. Better still, why not chat with 2015 Swiss Barista Champion, Emi Fukahori, who now features behind the B&K bar. If there is one thing that is guaranteed here from all the staff – Emi, Mike, Simone, and Denise, is friendliness, coffee passion and top speciality coffee knowledge.

Espresso rating: 5.0 out of 5
The chosen espresso on this espresso pit-stop was the El Retiro from Colombia. Emi was focused, as she made her maneuvers with the La Marzocco. A perfect grind and a concentrated extraction is needed in order to ensure that this espresso comes out as it should – corto, with a golden layer of crema, fruity yet spicy aroma with a balance of acidity and bitterness. A champion performance from Emi. If you want to take your taste buds on a speciality coffee ride, then this is definitely one of the places to do it.

Price: 4.20CHF

WiFi: Yes
Free water: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes
Soy Milk: Yes

PS: Did you see the Film that we did as part of Coffee Friday 2015? Watch now.

Thank you Emi and Mike for the espresso hit! Just what I needed and yes – I did make it to Bahnhof Enge in 10 minutes and reach my 12km goal.

Where should I head to next? Drop me a line at

Until the next cup..

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