Crazy ideas lead to awesome moments..


..the birth of Coffee Me Zurich Experience ..

Monday 31 August 2015..
It was a Monday like any other Monday. It started with good espresso and the usual curious comment of ‘I wonder what fun things this week will bring’- apart from discovering new cafés and coffee. Did my thing at work, chatted to friends, did my gym workout and was ready to chillax. At that moment around 8pm my new adventure was about to begin. Message from Ines: ‘.. I’m organising the long night of the careers at ETH on 12.11.. can you think of a small coffee shop that may be interested?`

Bling! After being part of Coffee Friday Zurich team, it was easy to make a list of people and places who could set up and sell good espresso. Having a full time job in marketing and digital experience also got me thinking of the target group and the offering for the group at this event. The ideas that starting flowing through my mind were more than just a stand selling coffee… they were bigger! Read more..

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