Creative Coffee: Iced Espresso in the House

CC1 Iced Espresso

I love Zürich in the summertime! What do I love more than the Badi’s, outdoor eating and lying in the sun? Espresso Martini’s and all cold coffee magic! Yes, its that time of year to stay cool and creative with cold espresso and coffee creations.

I’m happy to share the first coffee creation, Iced Espresso in the House. It’s for all coffee lovers. It’s great to enjoy mid morning or afternoon. Are you ready to give it a try?

Step 1: It all starts with a little Marc Anthony hip shaking action. Don’t be shy… we all dance in the kitchen right!?

Step 2: Make a nice big pot of your best ever espresso. If you have a Bialetti, use it! Otherwise make enough espresso to fill your ice cube tray. No sugar needed as you are using fresh ground coffee (I hope!) Leave to cool.

Step 3: Carefully pour the cool espresso in the ice cube tray. Place in freezer. Do your best salsa hip swaying action as you wait for cubes to set.

Step 4: Make some more espresso! Enough to serve you and how ever many groovers you have visiting. Let it get cold and get ready to shake!

Step 5: With the espresso cubes ready, place the Processo glasses gently in the freezer for a minute or two (and pray the don’t crack!) Well we want that frosty glass effect…just not the broken glass one.

Step 6: Grab your little cocktail shaker, pour in the cool espresso from step 4, add a little fine sugar, put on the lid (tight) and shake shake shake..! Maybe Marc can help with a little Valio La Pena! Shake those hips and the cocktail shaker until you get that nice espresso crema form in the shaker. If you want some noise, throw in a few of the spare espresso cubes.

Step 7: In chilled Prosecco glass, carefully place 2 to 3 espresso cubes. Then slowly pour a little shaken espresso, until it almost covers the top of the espresso cubes. Spoon over a little crema.

Step 8:  Time to decorate with a strawberry. This MUST be eaten at the end. Your taste buds will thank you. Yum!

Step 9: Take your seat on the balcony, or the most chilled place you can find…and enjoy amigos!

Until the next cup…..

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