It’s all about doubles at Cafe New Zealand

CafeNZThe news is spreading fast – Kiwi sighting on one of Zürich’s most famous alternative streets, Langstrasse! Cafe New Zealand opened its doors in April and since opening, has been causing quite a stir. Ok – this is not difficult on Langstrasse.

As with most new cafes, I thought I would give Sam – the Cafe NZ man – a few weeks to settle in before hitting him with my visit. As an Aussie-Italian, I was curious of what the coffee experience would be like. Italians love their espresso as much as Aussies love their Flat Whites, and Sam serves both. Can a Kiwi really serve a grand espresso and creamy Flat White (which we all know is Australian and is now hipper than hip!)??

I took the bus down good ol’ Langstrasse, hopped off at Militar-Langstrasse, blew off a few wolf whistles and walked in….

Atmosphere: Ka Mate, Ka Mate! Ka Ora! Ka Ora! You may feel like doing a spontaneous Haka when you walk into this place… just because it’s the Kiwi thing to do. Owner/Barista Sam is a passionate, coffee loving Kiwi. He is transforming this location into a little part of New Zealand in Zurich. OK – the disco ball may be hanging, but it’s that smiling Maori mural that will get your attention. That, and the sparkling La Marzocco that is proudly owning the bar… along side the little oven that holds those kiwi-flavoured Pies. There is plenty of space to chill on the sofa’s, or take a window seat if you want to do some special people watching on one of Zurich’s most interesting streets.One guarantee is, that you will be welcomed with a smile by Sam and he will answer every coffee related question you have. Go on – hit him with your trickest Barista question, cause we Aussies always like to challenge a Kiwi…

Espresso rating: 4.5 out of 5!
I wonder if, when New Zealand born Lorde sang her hit Team, she meant the teaming of Zürich’s own Black and Blaze premium blend with La Marzocco? Or teaming of the freshest Swiss milk with a double espresso shot to produce a creamy, yummy Flat White??

As for the espresso, Lord(e)!  – is that is an espresso fit for Royals! Actually, it isn’t an espresso, its a double espresso! And it’s the creamiest double espresso I have ever seen. There was so much golden crema that it was almost coming out of the tazzina! These Kiwi’s don’t muck around – and neither does this La Marzocco.

I was brave, and met face to face with this double Kiwi-style espresso as any Aussie-Italian would.

Sam – the Cafe NZ man – grinded the beans to perfection, and the extraction was precise. I watched as the espresso slowly swirled down into the tazzina. That caramel, chocolaty aroma was sensational, thanks to the medium roast with a mix of beans from Brazil, Colombia and India – so exotic. Under that golden crema was a dark double and which, when I finally tasted it, was smooth and memorable. It was a double!!

..and not to be forgotten, is the fact that the Flat White IS Aussie.. although this New Zealander makes the best Flat White in Zurich….

Price: 4.00CHF for a double espresso!

WiFi: Yes
Free water: Yes – a cute little bottle served with every coffee
Kid friendly: Yes
Lactose Free Milk: Soya is served!

Thanks to the many Coffee Me’rs that wrote in and asked me to visit.
Sam – welcome to the coffee loving city of Zurich! Follow Cafe New Zealand on Facebook and @CafeNewZealand

Where should I head to next? Drop me a line at

Until the next cup.. Maria

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