Coffee Me tours Sydney – part 1


I love Sydney!
Being born and raised here, Sydney and I have a special connection that will remain for life. Sydney is beautiful, bold and buzzing. We are best friends. When we reunite we share the good times and laugh at the ‘remember when..’, cause that’s what best buddies do. What we really share though, is a great love of coffee. Flat White, Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso – you name it, we love it! and after hours, a noice Basil Blush too.

Sydney’s love of quality coffee and vibrant coffee culture is like no other in the world. Some say, that Sydney has become a coffee snob! How could that be?!? I always knew Sydney was a coffee connoisseur, but a snob?? I decided to hit Sydney by surprise with a little coffee tour of my own. With a few tips from Coffee Me’rs in hand, and a strong lust for great espresso, the tour began.

Stop 1: Casa Mancuso
Of course the first espresso I drank on my visit was at my Mum’s house, and Mamma Mancuso has to get a mention. Has she given up her Bialetti and Lavazza? Not yet. Love you Mum.

Stop 2: The Corner by McCafe, Camperdown
Easter Sunday afternoon, leaving the Chris O’Brien Lighthouse, my brother says ‘let’s get a quick coffee at The Corner.’ Sure! I was desperate for a coffee hit so gave it a try. Utter shock. The espresso was actually very good! Corto, with a creamy golden crema and smooth to drink. Was I really in a McCafe? In the words of singer Jamie Lawson, ‘I wasn’t expecting that.’ (hot song in Australia at the moment)
Espresso Price: $3.00
Coffee Me Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (remember 5 is the highest rating)

Stop 2: The Grounds of Alexandria
Easter Monday and the sun was shining. Perfect day to pay my first visit to The Grounds of Alexandria. Since opening in 2012, it has become THE place for coffee in Sydney, roasting it’s own coffee and creating The Coffee Academy. Hipper than hip, cooler than cool. Arriving, my first thought was WOW, Sydney’s coffee culture has flourished! The Grounds is like the pimped up version of Frau Gerold’s Garden in Zurich, with a London Shoreditch flavour, and the added bonus of a roastery. They are winning with their uniqueness, good food, speedy service and of course, coffee. The goats cheese salad I had was amazingly good. The espresso – on this day a Rwandan blend, was shining in that cute little vintage green espresso cup. The fruity, floral aroma and then bam, a salty taste?!? I wasn’t expecting that!
I definately need more time here to do a proper review next time I am in Sydney.
Worth the visit. I did leave slightly disappointed, as I wanted to buy the vintage espresso cup as a memento of my visit, but my global Coffee Blogger status was not hipster enough this time around. From an Aussie place, I wasn’t expecting that….
Espresso Price: $3.80
Coffee Me Rating: 3.5 out of 5. That salty taste from the Rwandan blend was not for me. Another blend would probably have been a 5.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my Sydney coffee tour!

Until the next cup..

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