Zürich’s Top Work Smart Cafés

worksmartNo coffee, no workie! It’s coffee that gets us going in the morning and it’s cafés that offer a world of opportunity. Opportunity to change perspective, find solutions, discover passions, create ideas, and realise dreams. Since when do cafés offer this? Since the moment your choose to let them.

We’ve all had those days where sitting at your usual desk trying to work through things just doesn’t seem to be working. You try to change perspective by looking out at the view, or scribbling on a piece of paper, and then there are the constant interruptions with colleagues, calls and more emails. So many things flying around in your head that the right response, idea, solution or inspiration has no chance!

Time to try a different way. If you are looking for a café in Zürich where you can work for an hour or two, here are a few for you to choose from. Qualities of these café are: good coffee, conducive to working, wifi, smiling welcoming staff, soft sound and opportunistic energy! Give it a try…



Café Lang

Hotel Rivington and Sons


Do you have a favourite Zürich café where you like to work from? Share now on Coffee me Facebook or Twitter.

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