The roar of espresso at Löweneck

Löweneck Sitting quietly in Zürich’s Löwenstrasse jungle is a café who is looking to roar this spring. Löweneck Restaurant & Bar opened its doors in January 2014. Located across from the mighty Migro City (currently undergoing a facelift), will the Löweneck espresso leave me purring with delight, or will this kitty have to find another espresso home? I opened the door and entered this den to find out..

Atmosphere: Wimba Wey. Looking around this place, it has an industrial-bohemian-rustico feeling. No lions sleeping here tonight though, as this place is a great place to enjoy a drink and a bite to eat after a long day. It has a beautiful wooden bar, funky lights and the touch of greenery on the tables. Take a seat by the huge windows for some people watching, or plan to drop by on the weekend for Brunch. I hear they serve local products and brunch is a good deal at 23.00CHF per person. If the Lemon Tart is on the menu, this is definately worth a taste..loved it!

Espresso rating: 4.0 out of 5
Out of the fully automated La Cimbali machine, the espresso is delivered with a lovely layer of golden lion mane crema. After taking in the sweet smell of carmel, with a touch of fruitiness, I went in for the kill and tasted this deliciously dark brown beauty. Was quite a treat, with a little bitter taste on the top of the palate. Feeling very satisfied after this espresso, a familiar sensation after experiencing one of the fine Henauer Kaffee espresso blends.

Price: 4.50CHF

WiFi: Yes. Ask for password
Free water: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes
Lactose Free Milk: No

Have you had the best espresso in Zürich yet? If so, let me know about it at

Until the next cup..

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