Espressostyle at Sport Bar

Sport Bar With the Sochi Winter Olympics in full swing, talk on the street is of Dario Cologna, my cousin Julia Mancuso (ha!), and the awesome, rocking Snowboarding events. What better time than now to experience espressostyle at Sport Bar in Zürich’s Kreis 4. In snowboarding slang, word has it that they bust a great espresso here. Would this Snow Bunny discovers an epic espresso, or would it be wack? Trekking through an off-season Zürich thunderstorm, I shook the water from my umbrella and went in to find out..

Atmosphere: Chillax. Hang up your coat and take a seat by the window, at one of the chillaxed tables or, if you really want to get wasted on coffee, at the bar near the La Marzocco coffee machine and grinder. In this bar, the sport is coffee drinking and enjoying the vibe. No TVs here to watch your favourite game. Here it’s all about experiencing. You can switch from coffee to beer, or that special crispy cocktail. It’s friendly, it’s local and it’s got cakes too! It’s also the former home of champion Barista Shem Leupin. Rumour has it, that 2014 Swiss Barista Champion Nina Rimpl also did a stint here.

Espresso rating: 4.5 out of 5
The espressostyle begins with the grinding of the Stoll Kaffee beans, leaving a wicked smell in the air. After a tail slide across the bar and a smooth delivery by the bar staff, the espresso is perfectly corto, with a banging layer of lion mane gold, glistening crema. With a rich nutty yet fruity aroma, this Stoll Kaffee – Sport Bar special blend, does a huge backside 180 in your mouth! No strong bitter aftertaste either. It’s a winner!

Price: 4.00CHF

WiFi: Yes. Ask for password
Free water: Yes
Kid friendly: I guess you could go with a pram during the day
Lactose Free Milk: No

Reminder: bring your cash with you, as cards are not accepted here. If by some fluke you forget, hope that your friend has cash on them and if not, there is a very convenient cash machine across the road! AND if that is out of action, take a brisk walk to the one at Helvetia Platz. (Yes, I speak from experience!)

Have you had the best espresso in Zürich yet? If so, let me know about it at

Until the next cup..

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