Top 13 of 2013!

2013 2013 – what an espresso year!
Whether you like it strong, a little bitter, a touch nutty or with a sprinkle of sugar, it’s all about grand espresso and the coffee drinking experience! Here is the Coffee Me Zürich 2013 Top 13– great coffee, service, passion and quality.
1. Grande
2. Henrici
3. Café Noir
4. Café Lange
5. Senior Design Café
6. Collana
7. Bar Nocciolina
8. Milchbar am Bellevue
9. Hotel Rivington & Sons
10. La Stanza
11. Rio Bar
12. Babu’s
13. Café de Amis

Enjoy your espresso as you welcome in 2014 with your friends and loved ones.
Now, time for me to celebrate!!! See you in 2014!

Until the next cup…

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