The Milchbar Espresso

milchbarambellevueIn November 2012, I discovered a comfy little café in the center of Zürich called Milchbar. One year later, I am visiting the new sister café Milchbar am Bellevue! While the older sister is under renovation, this little café is welcoming new customers. Would I be as impressed with the espresso here as I was one year ago, when I ventured out of the cold into Milchbar? Once I got over the spectacular ceiling, I placed my espresso order and was ready to find out..

Atmosphere: Lights. I’m not certain if this is what Ellie Golding means in her song ‘Lights‘, but these lights on the roof will definately be calling you to stay and order an espresso! It’s pretty impressive, and is definately original, stating the alternative style of this place. A few big wooden tables, some places to sit near the windows, and a wooden fence like bar, all under these assorted light bulbs.. cool! A great place for guys and girls to chillout. A good breakfast menu, plus a yummy assortment of cakes and biscuits (forget the diet!). Like the turn-table feature and the transformation to a chill-out bar a night. The lights are calling!

Espresso rating: 4.0 out of 5
The Dalla Corte machine was shining as brightly as all those light bulbs! I like to hear the sound of the coffee grinder, and the ‘click click’ as the ground coffee is measured ready for brewing. The delivered espresso had a beautiful golden layer of crema and the aroma mix of caramel, hazelnuts and a touch of chocolate (it has Arabica!). It was a little longer than expected, however was a rice dark brown. Intense taste, a little bitter on the roof of the mouth, but a somewhat smooth aftertaste. One thing that I did notice was that there were a few coffee granules left in the tazzina. Not usual, so I gave this feedback directly back to the staff, and it was well received. I was happy to discover a new espresso blend, Espresso Selection No.1 from Australia! Check out Freshcoffee for more information. Needless to say, with this espresso blend, dedicated Barista’s, friendly staff and a chilled atmosphere, I will be visiting here again and will be looking for a 5.0!

Price: 4.50CHF – let’s see if we can get this down to 4.00 to match Grande 🙂

WiFi: Yes
Free water: Yes
Kid friendly: If you have a stroller/pram, would say No as there are stairs to get up
Lactose Free Milk: Need to check, but I’d say Soya is a yes

Thanks Sonia for the coffee, catch-up, and the picture taking 🙂

Have you had the best espresso in Zürich yet? If so, let me know about it at

Until the next cup..

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