Happy First Birthday!

CMZ Coffee Me Zürich turns 1 this week!
Time to celebrate a year of fun, discovery, passion and inspiration through each visit, every espresso and all the fabulous coffee conversation.What started with 40 hits a month is now over 1000 a month! The journey has taken me to over 30 Zürich cafés, and the discovery of the first Grand Espresso (5.0) in August. Lots of espresso, and its been worth every drop.

To all you coffee freaks and lovers, and to all Coffee Me followers – a massive THANK YOU! With each visit and each coffee, you are helping to transform the coffee culture in this charming little city that is Zürich..

THANK YOU to my family and fabulous friends for the support, the honest feedback, the motivation and the laughs. I started this as fun, and you guys actually believed I could do it 🙂

THANK YOU to the Barista’s in Zürich who are taking their crazy passion and delivering it in that little espresso tazzina. To the owners of Cafés and Bars for taking the time to chat, and more to those who are taking action to offer clients the grand espresso experience in Zürich. Let’s make the 3.00CHF bar espresso reality!

THANK YOU to Patrizio Frigeri, Francesco Illy, Philipp Henauer and Team for your insight, time and support in getting Coffee Me to the site it is today.

THANK YOU to 20 Minuten, Energy Zürich and My Girlfriends Guide to Zürich and Ron Orp for giving me my Wall of Fame 😉

This is only the beginning… until the next cup!


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