Espresso des Amis

cafedesamisIt’s nice to venture out of Zürich’s city center to Kreis 10, were there are a few little cafés to be explored. The first of these is Café des Amis. I was happy to see Vespa’s parked outside (was a lovely sunny day when I visited), but the feeling as I approached the door was of ‘Gay Paree’! Will the espresso here be trés bon, or will it be muy mal? (I know, that’s Spanish but my French leaves a lot to be desired!) Let’s venture in and find out..

Atmosphere:des Paree!. It ‘s like walking into a café around Montmartrè. It’s cosy and classy, with a lovely old style bar and a nice touch of antiqueness with the wooden tables and furniture. Cafè des Amis is know for it’s brunch and breakfast menu, just make sure you book as it’s a busy place on the weekends. With super friendly and helpful staff and a laid back atmosphere, it’s also a cool place for an easy drinks session or dinner. Here, it’s all about catching up with friends, or being seen by friends. If you love crèpes, make sure you give these a try here too!

Espresso rating: 4.0 out of 5
The espresso here looked très chic, as did the Dalla Corte machine. A lovely golden layer of cream, and the aroma of roasted nuts and chocolate. We got off to a great start. The smell was of roasted nuts and chocolate, and the color a rich dark brown, even if a little bit more than ‘corto’. The taste was familiar, intense with a touch of bitterness which faded nicely. Where was the espresso blend from? Our friends at Café Noir! If you haven’t been to one of Zürich’s best little Café/Rosteries, then they are definately worth a visit.

Price: 4.00CHF – très bon or trés bien!

WiFi: Yes
Free water: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes
Lactose Free Milk: They have Soya

Where will I find the next 5.0 out of 5.0 in Zürich? The search is more interesting than ever, so let me know about it at

Until the next cup..

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