A Bear Brothers espresso..

Bear Brothers and Cow A lunchtime stroll in Kreis 4 and look what pops up! A new little espresso bar with a very unusual name. Bear Brothers and Cow opened its doors a little over 1 month ago. Insight from the Zürich Barista scene is that I should give it a try.. and so I did! Would this espresso leave me high like a Koala bear? I popped in to give it a try.

Atmosphere:Simple. In true pop-up café style, this place is simple. No fancy tables, no fancy lights. The focus as you enter is on the simple yet cool bar, and the sparkling La Marzocco which is ready to do its stuff. These guys are passionate about their coffee and focus on offering you that natural product experience. If you are a gourmet coffee lover, you will definately enjoy trying the espresso here. It’s not the kind of bar where you feel you want to sit and relax for a while – many because there are not many places to sit! Go in and give the coffee a try, particularly if you are interested in filter coffee. It’s small and unique, and the guys are happy to answer your coffee questions too.

Espresso rating: 4.0 out of 5
I had prepared myself for a bit of a gourmet espresso experience. I knew these guys were Baristas, so the preparation of the espresso was as expected. The espresso was corto, with a lovely layer of crema and underneath, was a glistering chocolate brown. A little sniff and I could pick up scents of caramel, nuts and a little fruity surprise. There was no bitterness there, but a little bit of acidity which is typical of a fruity/floral blend. The espresso blend tried was from The Barn Berlin. The Barn, Bear, Cow – is there a theme here?

Price: 4.70CHF – We are supporting the pop-up espresso bar here, and maybe with time the price will change.

WiFi: No
Free water: Yes
Kid friendly: No – too small
Lactose Free Milk: No Soya yet.. for memory

Thank you Daniela for visiting with me and to the staff of Bear Brothers and Cow for answering the many questions 🙂

Where will I find the next 5.0 out of 5.0 in Zürich? The search is more interesting than ever, so let me know about it at coffeemezurich@gmail.com

Until the next cup..

4 thoughts on “A Bear Brothers espresso..

  1. “and maybe with time the price will change” why should the price change? they offer there quality coffee which is expensivier…

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