GRANDE Espresso! The first 5 out of 5!

GrandeAh Zürich! We love you in the Summertime! An easy stroll along Limmatquai, with beautiful views of this little big city, and dreams of that grande holiday, that grande amore or that grande espresso! Then you actually find it, GRANDE!!! (If you scream this word with a massive smile on your face, you may get what I mean).It actually exists! Am I dreaming? Or will this funky little café bar be home to my first real grand espresso in what seems like eternity? They say hope is the last thing to die, and with this thought and my smile, I went in to give it a try…

Atmosphere:Pavarotti. This place is as time transcending and mesmerising as that beautiful, enchanting voice of grande maestro Luciano Pavarotti. It’s cosy and funky, whether you choose to sit inside at a cute, intimate table by the windows or outside to take in some of the local atmosphere. Speaking of local, Grande has quite a few, and I am certain after your first visit you will want to come back. The staff are grande! Warm, friendly and easy going, as is the music that you will hear playing in the background. Whether you decide to drop by for your morning cappuccino, a cold homemade lemonade or iced latte, or that special cocktail, for espresso lovers, Grande is a must if you want to experience the first official Zürich GRAND ESPRESSO!

Espresso rating: 5.0 out of 5
Yes! The espresso was GRANDE! Watching the making of the first espresso I had here was like being front row at a concert. I watched with precision. The pristine La Marzocco was center stage, ready to perform. The coffee grinder started with a clear beat, humming as it prepared the Henauer Kaffee blend to do it’s work. The swoosh of the water flushing through the machine, and then the magic started. Darkbrown liquid gold pouring slowly into the espresso tazzina. The focused Barista, trained to ensure that the final result was GRANDE! It was corto, with a beautiful golden layer of crema, and that aroma – a smooth carmel, chocolate, nutty heaven. As the espresso hit my lips they tingled with delight, a taste so delicate that it sank into my bones. Wait a minute….remember this? In the words of Italian legend Mina – Grande, Grande, Grande! This little place, with its warm, friendly, charming staff, has it all. The winning .5 for me, was when I discovered that Grande serves Espresso Pronto for 3.00CHF. It is the only place in Zürich that I have discovered so far, that has a reduced price if you stand and drink the espresso at the bar. GRANDE!

Price: 4.00CHF, or Espresso Pronto (drink at bar) for 3.00CHF!

WiFi: Yes
Free water: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes
Lactose Free Milk: They have Soya

Thanks to many of you for recommending this little jewel, and to my friends who visited with me.

Congratulations to Grande for receiving the first official 5 star rating from Coffee Me. I will be coming by soon to award you with the first gold Coffe Me Zürich Tazzina!

Is there a place that beats Grande for the grand espresso? The search is more interesting than ever, so let me know about it at

Until the next cup..

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