Espresso Rio Style

Rio BarIn the middle of the hustle and bustle of Zürich’s shopping zone, on the banks of the Sihl river, is a little oasis called Rio Bar. Understated during the Winter months, Rio comes alive as soon as the sun is out! This is a perfect place to chill after a few hours of shopping, or to escape from the stress of study or the office. Will espresso magic happen in Rio, or will I need to do the espresso samba somewhere else? With a fresh Sicilian tan, I took a seat in the sun, put my sunglasses on and was ready to experience Rio.

Atmosphere: Bossa Nova. One of the best things about Zürich during the Summer (when we actually have one) is the relaxing atmosphere that is instantly created by outdoor seating areas. Rio Bar is no exception, with ample outdoor seating and seemingly chilled customers. Stop by for a cold beer, and Aperol Spritz and of course espresso! They also have a light food menu if you get a little hungry around lunchtime. This place has the coolness of Will I Am’s new style funky Rio sound, ‘Drop it Low – Rio‘, rather than hip skaking Barry Manalow or late Aussie artist Peter Allen ‘I go to Rio‘. This place could just be the hottest spot north of Globus (or is it south.. I am not good with directions!)

Espresso rating: 4.0 out of 5
Rio Bar has recently become the proud owners of a beautiful Dalla Corte machine. I was very curious to try the espresso a few days after the installation, and on a relatively warm day. The Barista proceeds by freshly grinding the Henauer espresso blend beans, then securing in Portafiltro (the simple translation is the handle with basket that holds the ground coffee). The brewing then began and it was like watching liquid chocolate slowly coming out of the machine. The result – an espresso which was corto, with a milk chocolate colored crema and the aromas which were chocolately yet fruity/floral. Was very smooth and rich to drink, with a slight amaro aftertaste, in the form of bitterness on the roof of the mouth. A few of these and I would have enough energy to dance the Samba, Salsa and Macarena all at once! A great place to try espresso in the heart of Zürich city. Well done Rio Bar!

Price: 4.30CHF

WiFi: No
Free water: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes
Lactose Free Milk: They have Soya

Thanks Tina and Bettina for visiting Rio Bar with me.

Where else do you think offers the grand Espresso in Zürich? Let me know about it at

Until the next cup..

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