Espresso in Dihei

Kafi Dihei
Take a relaxing stroll out of Zürich’s city centre through the leafy green streets of Kreis 3. Athough Spring still hasn’t sprung in Zürich, you will get a touch of the green grass of home when you visit Kafi Dihei (Swiss German for Coffee at Home). Will this be an espresso to write home about, or will I be left reminiscing of that grand espresso I had way back when..? I parked my vespa across the road, as if I was arriving Dihei and made myself at home at one of the garden tables to find out.

Atmosphere: Home. Ok, so many of you reading this will have different ideas of “Home”. It’s not the kind of “Home” Michael Bublè is talking about. It’s not an old “Aussie-Italian Home”, because if this was the case, the good furniture like the lounge, would be well covered to keep it sparkling new. To me, I imagine this is more like visiting your Swiss or even English Grandmother’s house, where you are spoilt with all that is homemade and good. The cute front garden, the vintage wooden tables and decorative wallpaper are all part of the experience. Worth a mention are the bathrooms…very detailed! Ladies – most of you will feel at home here. Gentleman – expect this place to be girly! The menu here is tasty, with a good, fresh selection on the Brunch and Lunch menu. This is one of the reasons this place is popular.

Espresso rating: 3.0 out of 5
The espresso arrived looking corto, creamy and rich dark brown. Upon a closer look at the crema (cream), it was very interesting to see it was slightly broken, with a darker brown color on one side, rather than that lion mane golden brown. What did this indicate to me? That there may be a little bitterness in the espresso. This also translated in the aroma, which was a nutty carmel, but also a little bitter. As I tasted the espresso, I think my Mum would have needed at least 2 teaspoons of sugar to drink it! My mum also would have taken a few points off for staff friendliness.. maybe they were just not feeling very spring-like. The coffee blend served here is one that I had the pleasure of tasting on it home soil at Henauer Kaffee, where I also received my advance Barista training. The machine, La Cimbali. I experienced a grand espresso at Henauer Kaffee in Höri (thanks Team!), however the espresso here at Kafi Dihei is not there yet. Is is the machine, water temperature and pressure, the weather, or is it the Barista??

Price: 3.80CHF

WiFi: No
Free water: Upon confirmation – Yes!
Kid friendly: Yes – although strollers stay outside
Lactose Free Milk: Yes

Thanks Kevin for being the first to recommend I try the espresso here and Cecilè for lunch and the chat!

Where would you like me to visit next? Send your recommendation to me at

Until the next cup..

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