Design me an Espresso!

Senior Design

You can usually tell that it’s Spring in Zürich not by the weather, but by the amount of roadworks taking place. As you weave your way down Josefstrasse in Zürich’s Kreis 5, you will come across this hidden treasure called Senior Design Café. Part of the Senior Design Factory, this is a creative space which transcends age, with young and old working together. Hats off to the talented Designers behind this cool initiative! Will the espresso here be an experience designed to transcend space and time? I trekked through the mini construction site (..which is now complete) to find out.

Atmosphere: Tiffany’s. This place has designer charm, comfort and sheikness. Old and new come together to give you an environment that is ideal for catching up with friends, taking time out and reading the paper, or reminising on time gone by. Choose from a range of fresh cakes, which are baked in designer cake tins, and a uniquely chosen lunch menu. It seems that everything has been well thought through here, even the cute outdoor seating area (love the Tiffany’s blue!). Events – yes they have these too, and one which will impress my Mum is Sicilia! Wonder if Cannoli will be on the dessert menu?

Espresso rating: 4.5 out of 5
The first experience of Espresso at Senior Design Café was like receiving a piece of designer jewellery. You see it sitting on the table in front of you in its pristine state and are happy! The cream of this espresso was almost perfect, with a beautiful, shiny, golden lion-mane like color. Corto, with the nutty almost spicy, dark chocolate aroma, this espresso was smooth to taste and memorable in experience. What blend is used here you may ask? It is from neighbouring Kreis 5, Coffee Me Zürich favorite, Café Noir. The Barista pays careful attention and initiates the ritual by flushing the machine, freshly grinding the beans, and pressing and processing the ground coffee using the Della Corte Evolution. Good to see the machine and coffee creation environment sparkling clean. Together, this resulted in an espresso which was like an exquisite piece of jewellery that we are happy to receive.

Price: 3.80CHF – the little designer shortbread is devine too!

WiFi: Yes
Free water: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes
Lactose Free Milk: Need to confirm this one

Dankeschön to my German Course colleagues who are getting to experience this place with me. So happy we discovered it!

Don’t forget to mention Coffee Me Zürich when you visit…

Have you recently experienced an espresso worth talking about? Send your recommendation to me at

Until the next cup..

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