Espresso in the Haus

Volkshaus – home to theatre, concerts, exhibitions, restaurant, bookshop and more recently a ‘Stadtbad’ with Haman and Sauna. You breath in that cultural, creative air as soon as you approach this unique building. The people’s place – whether you are meeting friends for pre-dinner drinks and concert, planning that romantic dinner and trip to the Haman, or simply want to enjoy some people watching in a lively part of Kreis 4. It’s all here! Is this artistically inspiring meeting place also home to Zürich’s grand espresso? I ventured into the Volkshaus Café Bar to find out.

Atmosphere: Happening. The first time you walk into this Café/Restaurant is bound to be memorable, simply because there is a lot to take in. From the beautiful old bar, to it’s classic, imperial style, which includes antique tables, chairs and chandelier. Look out for the clock-face table in the center and the rather large Rhino above the door! There is even an original, old, rather large wall mirror where, even on a bad hair day, you will think you look great!.. or at least artistic and cool. A busy place, with a mixture of regular customers and visitors, for people who want and like to be social and even those who like to be seen. Stop for a bite to eat at lunch, for tapas, and the restaurant is great for a special occasion dinner.

Espresso rating: 3.0 out of 5
As with any opening act, the presentation of the espresso is set to stimulate all your senses so you can appreciate what is to come. This espresso was ‘corto’, with a slight, broken layer of cream, letting in the deep, brown light of the espresso. A strong, nutty, krafty aroma, this espresso left a slightly bitter aftertaste, which was soothed by a sip of water. There are those that may like lingering bitterness, but feel free to improvise by adding a bit of sugar or a touch of cream to help smoothen the ride. This espresso creation comes from the mix supplied by Henauer Kaffee, played through a La Cimbali machine. The little Volkhaus biscuits are good, but if you need a chocolate intermission, try the chocolate cake – delicious!

Price: 4.50CHF

WiFi: Yes
Free water: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes
Lactose Free Milk: No

Where do you like to drink coffee in Zürich and why? Send your recommendation to me at

Until the next cup..

2 thoughts on “Espresso in the Haus

  1. I didn’t like this espresso much. I don’t know if it was the quality of the coffee or something else (maybe it is really too long for an Italian like me) but I really didn’t like it. When I am at at Volkhaus I order milchkaffee. Have a nice! And great blog BTW

    • It is sometimes hit an miss with the espresso at Volkhaus. There is one Barista there who keeps its corto and good. Luck of the day, even though it would be nice to get a good espresso each time you visit. Will give my feedback again next time I am there. Ciao! And thank you!

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