No Berta time for espresso

Kreis 3 is home to many unique, alternative, comfortable cafés and bars, especially in the area near and around Ida Platz. One of the these places is the Berta Bar & Café. On a chilled Sunday afternoon, it’s a great place to stop for a drink and also to try out the espresso. Does this little alternative bar house the grand espresso, or is there a better bar? I looked at the tables outside and thought ‘wish it was spring’, and then opened the door and let the experience begin.

Atmosphere: Easy. You’ve heard Faith No More and Lionel Richie sing about, and here I kind of experienced it. Ok, it was Sunday afternoon rather than morning, but that is a minor detail. There is nothing fancy about this place, cool stainless steel tables, a small bar with soft cool music playing, and it felt great. You can sit and read the paper, grab a panini or a slice of cake, or if you are in the mood, an Aperol Spritz. Small, alternative and…easy.

Espresso rating: 1.5 out of 5
Although the Aperol Spritz was good, as was the company, the espresso was…easy. It did have the dark, creamy look and caramel aroma. I was missing the strong, dynamic taste and instead found it a little watery and..easy. The coffee used here is Segafredo and the machine, La San Marco. The little hazelnut chocolate seemed to have a great taste though, making up for the espresso. If you are wondering how the Latte Macchiato was, it was a little tall and thin for 5.00CHF.

Price: 3.90CHF

WiFi: Yes
Free water: Upon confirmation – Yes!
Kid friendly: Yes
Lactose Free Milk: No

Do you have a hidden place that you would like me to visit? Send your recommendation to me at

Until the next cup..

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