To Plüsch for coffee

Pluesch Cafe BarAs you wander down Aemtlerstrasse in Zurich’s trendy neighbourhood of Kreis 3, you will come across Plüsch Café Bar. A great place to stop for lunch, but would this place also offer a lush espresso?  Looks like I would be stepping back in time to find out.

Atmosphere: Chillicious.  This place has a chilled out 1970s retro feeling. Whether you visit for lunch, or time out with the paper, or to enjoy an after work drink, you will feel comfortable and chillaxed. There is a daily menu to enjoy and also a variety of fresh cakes. I got the feeling that it attracts and keeps regular customers happy. Love the window seats which are great for people watching.

Espresso rating: 3.0 out of 5
After a tasty lunch, I was looking forward to a nice strong yet delicate espresso. The espresso served was almost corto and the cream seemed to have dwindled away. It had a strong aroma, with a whiff of 90% dark chocolate. Upon tasting, it was a little weaker than expected and also had a bit of a bitter bite. The coffee blend here is from Swiss company Henauer Kaffee and the machine a lovely Faema. As it had a lovely dark chocolate smell, a little chocolate delight on the plate would have been a nice touch.

Price: 4.20CHF

WiFi: Yes.
Free water: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes
Lactose Free Milk: No

Danke Bettina für dein Empfehlung und ein super gemütliches Mittagessen.

Is there a place that you would like me to try out? I would love to hear from you so please send your recommendations through to

Until the next cup…

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