Espresso state of mind

hotelbarZurich’s Prime Tower in Kreis 5 is not only the tallest building in Zurich, but also home to Clouds and Hotel Rivington & Sons. A unique name for a bar, and people are spreading the news that an esquisite espresso is served here. Having visited siblings La Stanza and Café Lang, I was very curious to see what this place had to offer. Would this bar offer the grand espresso, or leave me in a disillusioned state of mind? I stepped through the green curtain to find out.

Atmosphere: Frank Sinatra.  The idea with this hotel bar is that you experience New York in ganster times.. well, that was the feeling I got. I could picture Frankie singing New York, and I even myself sliding along the beautiful long bar! The long narrow room has a beautiful high ceiling, with space to stand at the bar, sit upstairs and also outside. Glance up to the right as there is another little bar with a major ceiling fan which is very cool. This place has carisma and charm, which is also transmitted by the Baristas and staff. The attention to detail to ensure you truely experience New York is immaculate. From the newpapers hanging on the walls, to the music softly playing and the detail of the bathrooms. What’s not to like about this place. Popular with business people and also after hours for drinks and fun. Light meals are also served here as well as brunch. As Billy Joel says, here, I’m in a New York state of mind.

Espresso rating: 4.0 out of 5
The La Marzocco machine definately gets a good workout at this place. This means that ground coffee, in this case Blaser Café, should be fresh and the frequency of use should lead to a smooth, creamy, memorable espresso. The espresso was an amazing dark chocolate brown, corto, with a defined layer of cream. The aroma was sharp and intense. The taste was music in my mouth, with a sharp slightly bitter high note at the end. Sugar may therefore be needed by some. Water is usually served with the espresso but that little something sweet was to be desired. One special touch is the quotes on the sugar, very cool!

Price: 4.00CHF

WiFi: Yes. Ask for the password
Free water: Yes
Kid friendly: No
Lactose Free Milk: No

Grazie Catia per aver visuto questa esperienza con me. Thanks also to Justin and Dan for your recommendation – let’s plan another visit back here as you guys owe me a coffee.

The Zürich coffee experience is to be shared, so send your recommendations through to

Until the next cup…

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