A little cafe called Weggen

cafeweggenEscape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with a walk through Zürich’s old town. I was about to head to Grand Café  Motta but instead stubbled across this cute little place, Café Weggen and decided to stop. Is the grand espresso waiting for me in this little café or would my detour leave me stranded in the old town? I headed down the beautiful cobblestoned alley to find out.

Atmosphere: Sehr Ruhig. As I walked into this place with one of my best girl friends ready for a good ol’ chat, we looked at each other and whispered it’s so quiet! Great if you want to sit and read the paper, or for your parents if you want them to remember what it’s like to stare into each others eyes, but difficult if you want to actually chat. As part of the smallest hotel in Zurich’s old town, this place definately had a particular old character and style, like the old chandelier hanging from the ceiling. It’s known for its home made Birchermüsli, cakes and traditional Swiss meals.

Espresso rating: 1.5 out of 5
The espresso was similar to the atmosphere – sehr ruhig. It was a little long and not so creamy. May be the place for a ‘schale’ or milk coffee, or a tea, rather than an crafty, grand espresso. I look over at the machine and it was La Cimbali and the espresso blend, Stoll Kaffee. It was more of a press and play rather than true Barista experience. It was anyhow an experience.
Price: 4.50CHF

WiFi: No
Free water: Yes
Kid friendly: No – there is a very narrow doorway
Lactose Free Milk: No
Sorry, no website to refer you to.

Danke Christine! for exploring this place with me and for the whispered conversation.

There are many hidden coffee bars to discover. If you have come across an interesting place recently, let me know by writing to me at coffeemezurich@gmail.com

Until the next cup…

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