Il caffe in La Stanza

lastanzaA short walk from Zürich infamous Paradeplatz is a little coffee haven called La Stanza.  In its 5 year history, La Stanza has become one of the most talked about coffee bars in Zürich. Is the espresso here as Italian and unforgettable as what people say it is, or is it just another coffee in a room? My senses were ready for this highly recommended experience.. so let’s do it!

Atmosphere: Mina.  Mina is an Italian music icon and in 1960 her hit ‘Il cielo in una stanza‘ rocked the charts. Ah what it’s like to be in love…with coffee! You can get so lost in the coffee experience that starts when you walk into this room oozing with Italianità. Take your place at the beautiful marble bar, the seats inside (there are only a few) or better still at one of the tables outside – now that spring is almost here. It’s a busy place, with a high rate of business customers during the day and is popular for after work drinks too, especially on a Thursday. There is a mixture of sounds from people’s conversation to the coffee grinder and music, and it’s all part of being in this room and being present. If there were a few more swinging arms talking and heated football or political conversations you would swear you were in the middle of Rome, Milan or Florence! There will be moments of silence and bliss if you taste one of the delicious Cannoli and when the smell of espresso reaches your senses…that is when the true experience begins.

Espresso rating: 4.0 out of 5
This was a true ‘mascolino’ espresso – well groomed with its fine layer of cream and sensational, robust, aromatic smell. This was a serious espresso, with a bit of amaro bite at the end to make sure it is a taste to be remembered. With this macho espresso you may need a little sweetness to smoothen it out a little. The La Stanza espresso hit comes from the combination of custom made espresso blend, by Swiss company Blaser Café and the classic 1963 Faema coffee machine. The Baristas, who as well as being friendly and knowledgeable, translate their coffee passion into each cup. You live the Italian espresso experience at La Stanza and will want to come back for more.
Price: 4.00CHF

WiFi: Yes. Ask for the password
Free water: Yes
Kid friendly: You could give it a try
Lactose Free Milk: No

La Stanza is the older sibling to Cafe Lang and Hotel Rivington & Sons. Each have a unique theme, feeling and espresso blend that is to be experienced. All three will be reviewed by Coffee me Zürich during March…so stay tuned!

Thank you to all those who recommended La Stanza. There are far to many to mention individually. Also Grazie mille Michele per il caffé e la bella chiacchierata.

So many place, too little time! Which place do you recommend me to visit? Let me know by writing to me at

Until the next cup…

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