Babu’sled with coffee und kuchen

babu'sKreis 1 is home to many of Zurich’s well known coffee bars. At Löwenstrasse 1, you will find Babu’s Bakery and Coffeehouse. Offering a variety of baked delights, a healthy selection on its lunch menu, and ‘Monatskaffee’, would Babu’s be No.1 on the grand espresso list? I put on my best undercover gear and waited in line to find out.

Atmosphere: Bienvenue! The vibe here is welcome, make yourself at home. Expect it to be busy when you arrive but don’t fret. As you wait in line, you can read through the coffee blackboard or browse the many cute gifts in the speciality store.  If you are going there for the first time and love cakes, prepare yourself, as you may have trouble deciding between the fresh waffles, chocolate brownies and more. Coffee lovers, you too have a choice to make. You may go in wanting a regular espresso but decide to challenge the Barista with something a little stronger (would I do that?). Is also a great place for Brunch.

Espresso rating: 4.0 out of 5
I had quite high expectations of Babu’s seeing that in 2012 I experienced an unforgettable espresso made by then Barista, Patrizio Frigeri (2013 runner-up in Swiss Barista Championship). The espresso that I was served this time around was very creamy, aromatic and strong. Just the way I like it!… all except that little bit of amarezza or bitterness afterwards. All credit goes to Barista Nadine who, after explaining in detail the blend of coffee used and why, proceeded to make me a second espresso which was spot on. The blend of coffee is Stoll and if I am not mistaken, the coffee machine is Brasilia. A combination of passionate Barista, freshly ground beans and a good machine result in a happy customer.
Price: 4.20CHF

WiFi: Yes. Ask for the password.
Free water: Yes… although I had to ask. Would be great to have it served together with the espresso, as a standard.
Kid friendly: Yes! Super popular place for baby’s day out.
Lactose Free Milk: Yes!

Grazie Sabina for being the first to recommend Babu’s and being Babu’sled with me.

Where should I hit next? Let me know by writing to me at

Until the next cup…

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