Pimpi my Coffee!

pimpiSitting quietly in Hafnerstrasse, behind Zürichs main station, is Pimpi Café Bar. A place to stop for an early morning coffee or before a stroll through trendy Kreis 5. Spotted by its green door and cool name, have they pimped the espresso here or is it just another ordinary old tazzina?

Atmosphere: Einfach. Whether you decide to take a seat at the bar or at one of the tables, you will feel relaxed and ready to go on with your day. The large flatscreen TV is a sign that they may be lovers of Football and infact I am certain games are shown here. On a snowy Zürich day, it was a little chilly inside. This is where you may need to move on from a coffee to a Gin and Tonic to warm up. 😉
The bar is well stocked and you will even find panini and gipfeli to satisfy that small hunger.

Espresso rating: 3.5 out of 5
A good rich dark brown espresso which was served hot and with a yummy little pasta di mandorla. Like smoke out of an exhaust pipe, I did get a little bitter after taste. Means something may need adjusting to get it going down smoothly – for some that may simply mean sugar. If we look under the bonnet, we have that mean machine La Cimbali, and the fuel is Caffé Ferrari – very appropriate for a pimped coffee 😉 Röstereri is in Dietikon. By the way, this place is a must for Cappucino lovers – hot, not too milky and with genuine chocolate dusted on top.
Price: 4.00CHF

WiFi: No.
Free water: Yes.
Kid friendly: Not really. Maybe in the spring/summer if there are seats outside.

Thank you to Karin for the post gym coffee and also to the friendly staff at Pimpi.

Is there a place you would like me to try out? Let me know by writing to me at coffeemezurich@gmail.com

Until the next cup…

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