Burgers and Coffee at Korner

kornerKorner is one of Zürichs trendy gourmet burger places. Located in Kreis 2, it is a busy place for lunch, dinner, and birthdays. After managing to down a cheese burger and a few chunky fries, my pancia was crying out for an espresso (even if it was Saturday night…!) I wasn’t intending to do a review but peer-pressure made me do it! 🙂 Was the perfect espresso just around the Korner?

Atmosphere: Festive. The most appropriate word to use seeing that there were several birthdays being celebrated on this visit. As well as catering for large groups, it’s the kind of place you can take a date or even go solo. What is striking is the beautiful parquet floor and the overall design to match. The highlight though is the sparkling black La Cimbali sitting gloriously in the middle of the bar, which, by the way, is quite funky.

Espresso rating: 3.5 out of 5
Dark, strong and accompanied by a chocolate brownie, this espresso was looking good and tasted fine.. with a little bit of a bitter bite afterwards. A touch of sugar would have fixed that, but as we know, real espresso drinkers don’t damage the espresso by putting sugar in it. 😉 The friendly Barista presented the blend – Caffetino – from a local Röstereri in Schlieren. My feedback directly to the friendly Korner team was good, but a little bitter afterwards.. something to work on.
Price: 4.00CHF

WiFi: No.
Free water: Yes.
Kid friendly: Yes – even big kids 🙂

And so, my fabulous friends, this review is for you! Thank you for your love, support and encouragement. xx

Who should I put down on my coffee bar hit list? Let me know by writing to me at coffeemezurich@gmail.com

Until the next cup…

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