Infinito time for coffee

Bar Infinito Bar Infinito is a little piece of Italy in Zürich’s city centre. On offer at the bar is all that is Italian – Campari, Chinotto, Caffé and more. Would my espresso experience here be infinitely unforgettable for all the right reasons?…let’s find out.

Atmosphere: Ramazzotti. A symbol of bella Italia, whether it be Eros Ramazotti or Amaro Ramazotti, I can see both being in this place (well, the Amaro may have been but Eros unfortunately wasn’t). It is elegant, cool, comfortable and charming. It’s a place where you could stop for a regular morning coffee or that post lunch shot of espresso. Gentlemen – could even be the place to invite that special lady for an after work prosecco 😉 If you are also feeling a bit peckish, there is a small selection of italian delights on offer including foccaccia, amaretti and cakes.

Espresso rating: 1.5 out of 5
They say that timing is everything – and in the case of my visit, it was. I decided to pop by after lunch rush hour. Was great as I had time to check out the impressive variety of coffee blends on display. Trouble was, the Barista didn’t ask me what I would like to try so I guessed the best option would be selected. I was a little suspicious, as the young Barista didn’t seem to have that passionate Barista glow that I have become accustomed to. I received the espresso – yes, it was the right length and as dark as night, but infinitely bitter and almost burnt tasting. I turned to my Italian friend to check in on the Latte Macchiato and feedback was ‘it’s more like a luke-warm Cappuccino in a glass’. This wasn’t my first visit here, so I am sure it is a case of bad timing. I am infinitely optimistic that my next coffee experience here will be more of a 4.5 than a 1.5. With a motto of ‘caldo come l’inferno, nero come il diavolo, puro come un angelo e dolce come l’amore’, how could I expect anything less. 🙂
Price: 4.50CHF

WiFi: Yes.
Free water: Yes.
Kid friendly: Yes, but would recommend mid-morning or afternoon.

Thank you Justin for recommending I review Bar Infinito and Alessandra for the coffee and the chat.

Where should I head to next? Let me know by writing to me at

Until the next cup…

2 thoughts on “Infinito time for coffee

  1. Dear Readers,

    I was happy to be invited back by Bar Infinito to give the espresso another try. I am happy to report that my experience the second time around was that which I remembered back many years ago on my first visit. I was given the opportunity to try three of the standard Italian blends on offer – Illy, Cafe Molinare and Moka Efti. These are well known coffee blends, each with their own individual taste and sold throughout Italy and many other countries. Out of the three, my preference was Moka Efti. The Cafe Molinare espresso, which I tasted and rated 1.5, this time around is given a 3.5. It was dark, creamy, robust which means it does have a little bitter aftertaste… but it wasn’t burnt which is great.

    Bar Infinito aims at providing the standard Italian coffee experience by offering customers well known, reliable, quality brands. They would like their customers to experience the Italian bar style. The espresso is served ‘corto’, as it is in Italy. Key is that they encourage customers to speak with the staff on duty if the coffee delivered is not up to scratch.

    Credit goes to Bar Infinito to inviting me back for another taste!

    Until the next cup…

  2. when I go to the bar Infinito (and believe me, I go often), both- the service and the espresso- are always perfect. I guess you had bad luck and I can only recommend to try again. The really good espresso there is worth it!

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