Coffee by the Park

zamparkKreis 3 was unexplored territory, until my little walk to Z am ParkGreat location for a chilled afternoon coffee. With its funky atmosphere and friendly staff, would the quality of the espresso be more of an A than a Z? I tackled the 2 year old boy at the door and ventured inside to find out.

Atmosphere: Hip. Had the ‘geez I’m cool’ feeling as I walked in and sat down. There are long tables, tables for two, and space to sit outside. One of the things that I love about Zürich are the many neighbourhood cafes. It really is unique and to discover them is a treat. They all have their own character and buzz too. This place is busy and it has that Cafe del Mar easy funky coolness vibe. Word has it that as well as good coffee, they also serve a mean Sunday brunch. With a little luck, you may even manage a little celebrity spotting.

Espresso rating: 4.0 out of 5
Another well presented Zürich espresso. Love it! I carefully watched as the espresso was being made, fresh coffee beans being ground first of course. The espresso had a familiar taste, was good and strong. To my surprise, it was none other than Noir’s coffee blend! (remember my last review on Cafe Noir?) Need I say more 🙂 I do have to say, that the little chocolate coated hazelnut still puts that little extra smile on my face after the espresso.
Price: 4.00CHF

WiFi: Yes. Ask the friendly staff for the password.
Free water: Yes!
Kid friendly: Yes.

Thanks to Denise for the recommendation.

Which coffee bar should I hit next? Let me know by writing to me at

Until the next cup…

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