Noir is beautiful

cafenoirCafe Noir is a cute little jewel of a coffee bar located off Zürichs busy buzzing Langstrasse. Understated, simple and cosy, does this place really take their coffee seriously or will I just see black? After a few weeks of great coffee in Australia, where the coffee culture is alive and kicking, I was more than ready to find out. Let the 2013 journey to find Zurichs grand espresso begin!

Atmosphere: Genuine. With a shelf filled with traditional coffee machines, and their own selection of coffee beans on sale, it was equivalent to a child walking into a lolly store!  Cosy and calm, with 10 or so seats inside, you can still chat with a friend and exchange conversation without being heard. That is, unless you invite 10 of your italian relatives 🙂  Here, it’s all about coffee, although I couldn’t resist odering the home made Chocolate Maroni cake. If you are not up for something sweet, then there are also savory snacks like focaccia on offer. If you would like a coffee on the run, just place your order at the window.

Espresso rating: 4.5 out of 5
What a fabulous start to 2013! It all started with the true coffee ritual of freshly ground coffee beans and a manual coffee machine (great to see in Zürich!). The key is also a Barista who is passionate about coffee and understands what a good coffee means. The espresso was short, dark, liquid gold served with a fresh glass of water and that little something sweet. Best of all, it all came at a genuine price. Congratulations Cafe Noir!
Price: 3.80CHF

WiFi: Yes.
Free water: Yes and you can fill up as many times as you want. In Australia, tap water is served gratis in most Cafes! I challenge places in Zürich to offer the same.
Kid friendly: Yes although its a cosy squeeze.

Thank you to Barbara and Henrik for recommending Cafe Noir.

Where should I visit next? Send your suggestions to me at

Until the next cup…

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