The little coffee bar at Zürich HB

labarettail Baretto is the little italian style coffee bar facing platforms 17 and 18 at Zürich main station. What better way to start a trip then by getting a good coffee hit! Does this little bar offer a good espresso or will I be taken for a ride? I battled the pre-christmas travellers to find out. 

Atmosphere: Locamotive. This is the place to go to for a quick coffee or snack before you run to get the train. It was busy, with people standing in the ordering queue and tables occupied with travellers. You can grab a pannino or foccacia, or simply go straight for a hit of coffee. In true italian bar style, you order and pay before the goods are delivered. They also gave the McDonalds touch by asking if I wanted an Amaretto with my coffee. Quick service, international staff and enough room to sit or stand to enjoy your coffee. The Capuccino here is worth a try too.

Espresso rating: 3.0 out of 5
This was rather a long espresso this time and was on the border of being a little too weak for me. You could see through the creamy layer on the top, which is an indication that the coffee is not strong. Rather than adding sugar, I dunked the little cantucci in the espresso and finished it off.
Price: 4.30CHF

WiFi: No.
Free water: The barista forgot to give me a glass of water which I know is standard with espresso here.. I’ll put it down to the pre-christmas stress.
Kid friendly: Yes

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Until the next cup…

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