A little jewel named Collana

collanaCollana Bar e Caffè opened during 2012 and is located in front of the beautiful Zürich Opera House. It is the perfect place to stop during a passeggiata along Bellevue. Would such a grand location offer the grand espresso? I dusted off the snow to find out.

Atmosphere: Rome. I was greeted by the wonderful sound of Domenico Modugno singing Volare and immediately felt like I could be in bar in Rome or Milano. It offered all that is italian – mood, coffee, foccacias, cornetto italiano and even the charming italian waiter which my Mamma would be besotted with. It’s a cool place to relax and a great place to take part in a very italian/european activity – people watching!  Plenty of stools by the windows giving you an uninterrupted street view. Don’t let the outside distractions let your coffee get cold!

Espresso rating: 4.5 out of 5
I had everything crossed as I looked at this elegantly presented gift – espresso, amaretto, cream, sugar and glass of water. All criteria meet without asking! My fingers were crossed because I hoped the espressso, made from 100% Arabica coffee, would be great. It was!!!! Excuse me while I close my eyes and drift off into heaven for just a moment. 😉
Price: 4.80CHF and well worth it

WiFi: No.
Free water: With espresso, yes.
Kid friendly: There is space so why not!

Let me know if your Collana experience was as good as mine. If there is a better place, then I would love to hear from you. Send me your recommendation at coffeemezurich@gmail.com.

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