Dini Mueter will love this place!

dinimutterDini Mueter is a fab little bar in the heart of Kreis 4 with all the sweet comforts of home. Does this place offer the mother of all espresso? Only one way to find out.

Atmosphere: Home. When I opened the door and stepped inside, I was tempted to yell out ‘Hi, I’m home!’.It has it’s own little lounge area, plenty of tables for all your friends, a very well stocked bar, toys for the little ones, board games for young and old, and the bonus of friendly staff and a chef in the kitchen! Like the wall sized blackboard too and the creative menu. What’s not to like.

Espresso rating: 3.0 out of 5
Being in the comfort of a Swiss ‘home’, I didn’t expect the espresso to be as strong as that of an Italian. It wasn’t super strong, but it was smooth, needed no sugar and left no bitter sting. Another successful production from the mother of all coffee machines, La Cimbali. A little swiss biscuit and a sip of fresh water and all is right with the world again.
Price: 4.50CHF

WiFi: Yes.
Free water: Yes and you can help yourself.
Kid friendly: Yes definately.

Do you have a place for me to try where you believe the grand espresso could be? Visit Challenge Me!

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